Pegboard Storage Hacks for Every Room

This hot storage trend is sure to surprise. Get inspired by these uniquely placed pegboards.

This hot storage trend is sure to surprise. Get inspired by these uniquely placed pegboards.

Have you ever considered hanging a pegboard in your bedroom? Although it might seem odd, moving a pegboard out of the garage and into other rooms of your home can be super beneficial. Pegboards have the ability to change as you do, making room for all kinds of storage and display needs. Plus, they're inexpensive! Read on as we detail how you can benefit from putting pegboards to work in your home. 

The use and purpose of your mudroom changes with the seasons. Summer months require space to hold umbrellas and pool totes, while winter requires storage for bulky coats and containers to hold hats and mittens. An oversize pegboard makes functional storage possible with easy-to-change compartments and hooks. Thick pegs work best to hold up heavy gear like backpacks and winter parkas.

Most laundry rooms are small enough—they don't need additional bulky storage getting in the way. Streamline laundry day with the help of a pegboard on the wall above or adjacent to your washing machine. This colorful example shows how easy it is to store dryer balls, clothespins, and stain remover just an arm's distance away. Hooks and trays are also a great way to store pins, scissors, and other household items that normally end up in a junk drawer. 

You'll lose your mind looking through a toolkit strewn with loose nails and screwdrivers. Give your work space some proper storage with a pegboard wall in the garage or hobby room. Small pegs close together work best for this space because they can hold slim items and tools. Pair with a sizable work table and you'll be able to tackle any project that comes your way. 

Here's a new idea: pegboards in the bottom of your kitchen drawers. The wide pegs will keep stacks of fragile plates from shifting when opening and closing drawers. To find the perfect fit, lay the pegboard down in the drawer, stack plates how you like, and then reinforce stacks with three to four pegs around the edges. You may have to trim the height of your pegs to get the drawer to close, but it is well worth the work. 

A bathroom is another place that holds lots of small but important products. Bottles, hair accessories, cleaning products, and travel-size containers can take over a vanity quickly without proper storage. That's where a pegboard comes in handy. Custom-fit a pegboard to sit inside a medicine cabinet or linen closet. Its customizable storage solutions are perfect for holding toiletries for the entire family. 

Waking up to a cluttered bedside table could ruin your entire day. Keep your personal goods and accessories out of the way with a pegboard mounted to your bedroom wall. Movable hooks make it easy to find the right place to store purses and scarves. Plus, you'll never lose a watch or favorite pair of earrings again! When placed next to your bed, a pegboard is a great spot to hold charging phones while you sleep. Don't want your accessories on display for guests to see? Move the pegboard to your closet instead.

Make your own supplies closet at home for school homework and projects. Outfit the back of a coat closet door with a pegboard and fill it with hooks, pencil holders, and mail organizers. The redefined office space will make it easy to organize small items like erasers and paper clips. Keep the pegboard up high for holding office supplies, or move it down low so the kids can access it during homework time. 

Whether your hobby is woodworking or canning produce, chances are you have a lot of supplies. Give your hobby a space of its own with a pegboard in your home office, garage, or craft room. Find pegboard accessories that are ideal for holding paint bottles and brushes, or hang baskets to hold small canvases. As any maker knows, having a designated spot for your craft will only help you improve!


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  2. With 3 different sets (meat, dairy, and pareve/neutral) of pots, pans, and utensils, and never enough cabinets and drawers to store them, I've been using pegboards in kitchens wherever I've lived, for the past 40 years! It's fun to see that what I've always used, even when people thought it was weird, is appreciated now!

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