Organize Your Batteries

Never go searching for a battery again. Try one, or all five, of these easy ways to store batteries.

Batteries -- from AAA to 9V -- are a household essential. But keeping these little power sources organized can be a household challenge. Get creative with how you stash your batteries, and finding one in a pinch will be oh, so easy.

1. Coin Purses

Fill coin purses with a single size of battery. Carry them along with on-the-go devices such as digital cameras, flashlights, and media players.

2. Disposable Deli Containers

Repurpose disposable deli containers to hold batteries by size or function. Choose containers that stack for extra efficiency.

3. Mismatched Mugs

Fill mismatched mugs with clusters of batteries. Tie on tags and place mugs inside a shallow drawer or on a shelf.

4. Crafts or Hardware Caddies

Reposition the dividers in a crafts or hardware caddy to fit different types of batteries. Label sections with letter and number stickers.

5. Office-Supply Chest

Assign drawers in an office-supply chest to corral specific-size batteries.

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