Our Best Shoe Storage Ideas for Your Closet, Entryway, and More

Keep clutter to a minimum with these smart ideas for storing shoes.

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Conquer clutter with these smart shoe storage ideas you can use in closets, entryways, mudrooms, and more. Each easy (and stylish) solution helps you stash your favorite footwear out of the way but still within easy reach. Some can even be accomplished by making use of items you already own.

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Put Shoes in a Box

entryway with wooden storage boxes and round mirror
Blaine Moats

Not all shoe storage ideas have to involve a trip to the store. Repurpose an old planter box for easy entryway storage. Or even try your hand at a DIY project and build a new one. Flat shoes can fit snuggly upright inside a window box or planter mounted to wall studs. Stack two in your entryway for a streamlined front door area.

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Laundry Room Shoe Storage

mudroom laundry striped black white floor open shelving bench hooks
Jason Donnelly

If your home lacks a mudroom or entryway to stash shoes, carve out a small space in the laundry room. Wire baskets can slide under a narrow bench, letting you take a seat while putting shoes on and taking them off. Don't forget to add a few wall-mounted hooks above for jackets and totes.

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Back-of-the-Door Shoe Organizer

shoe rack hanging on closet door
Jay Wilde

When faced with a small closet, or small home in general, it's crucial to make the most of it. That includes areas that aren't traditionally looked at for storage purposes. Install or hang a behind-the-door rack to keep your shoes in order and off of the floor.

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Tidy Shoes with a Track System

shoes luggage garage storage
Paul Dyer

Customizable organizing systems are an investment but one of the best tools you can own to declutter. Plus, they're fairly straightforward to install. Use them to store a multitude of shoes; the shelving can be adjusted to fit shoes of any height, from flip-flops to rain boots. Floor-to-ceiling shelves can help accommodate shoes for a large family in a garage or mudroom.

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Optimize Your Mudroom

modern blue white mudroom laundry mural
Edmund Barr

The cure for an overburdened closet? Accessible shoe storage in the form of a mudroom bench. This clever built-in furniture piece stashes shoes, hangs backpacks, and provides seating.

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Assign a Dresser Drawer

drawer storage hats shoes gloves
Jay Wilde

Keep all of your kids' essentials in one spot. A dresser drawer is the perfect space for their small shoes and socks. Use an organizer or two to keep them together and tidy.

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Stackable Shoe Storage

closet shelving show organization and clothing
Dera Burreson

You can also opt for a smaller track system in your bedroom closet to get the benefits of adjustable shelving. However, it's still a good idea to include stackable shoe organizers. This ensures that you're maximizing available space between shelves so you can store more shoes in less space.

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Hang Shoes on Hooks

Back of door storage shoes and sunglasses
Jay Wilde

A towel rack mounted to the back of a door or cabinet can double as shoe storage. Mount sneakers, slippers, or sandals with metal S-hooks. This storage solution is also perfect for drying out shoes that got caught in the rain.

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Create Cubbyholes

shoe shelves and hooks above
Anthony Masterson

Cubbyholes are great for stowing, and even showing off, shoes. Use store-bought dividers to create closet shoe storage with cubbies, or utilize your home's existing built-in shelving. Try color-coding shoes for an eye-catching storage solution.

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Use the Space Under Your Bed

Slide shoes out of sight with DIY underbed storage made from a salvaged drawer. This is not only an eco-friendly way to repurpose an item, but it also makes use of a shallow, underutilized space. Watch and learn how to make your own custom shoe storage.

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Repurpose a Serving Tray

sliding shoe storage
Cameron Sadeghpour

Serving trays aren't just for the kitchen. Slide a favorite wooden or plastic tray between shelves to stash flats, flip-flops, and other smaller shoes. Don't forget to knock off any dirt before storing shoes.

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DIY Shoe Storage

circular shoe storage under bench
Kritsada Panichgul

Eliminate entryway chaos by morphing the space below a bench into a fashionable hub for shoes. Short, stacked sections of PVC pipe are the perfect size for housing a pair of shoes. Better yet, this method can make use of leftover PVC pipes cluttering up your garage.

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Level Up with a Ladder

ladder storage for shoes and accessories
Scott Little

Ladder storage works well in a variety of rooms, especially those with limited square footage. The slim design of this shelf proves convenient and compact to stash your favorite pairs of shoes. Easily store flats, sneakers, and pumps, all while adding an eye-catching display of open storage.

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Swap in Sliding Shelves

shoe stands in closet
John Merkl

Rather than splurge on a bulky built-in, update an existing storage unit with slide-out shelves. An adjustable rack makes it easy to configure a spot for even your tallest pair of boots. Upright organizers can also help keep the shape of the shoe.

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Bank on Baskets

basket for shoe storage
Adam Albright

When all else fails, use baskets for a quick way to store footwear right where it gets kicked off. Slide the baskets under an entryway table or nearby bench to keep shoes out of sight. Shake out shoes to prevent a dirt pile up and label baskets by family member or occasion.

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Label Shoe Storage

shoe shelving with labels
Marty Baldwin

Do shoes keep clogging up your entryway? Label a shoe rack with each family member's name to limit how many pairs of shoes they can keep downstairs. Designate a few spots for guests, too.

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Outfit a Plate Rack

plate rack used for shoe storage
Cameron Sadeghpour

A slim fixture such as a wall-mounted plate rack is perfect for apartments or homes that lack ample storage space. Quickly and easily store flats and sneakers with this creative idea. You can even store high heels with this method so long as the heels face outward.

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Stuff a Bench

shoe storage in front of bed bench
Cameron Sadeghpour

Stash away shoes inside cute front-of-bed seating. If you don't want to splurge for a specific shoe bench, staple rows of shoe pouches from a back-of-door organizer into a regular storage bench. Utilize this shoe storage for pairs you seldom wear and want out of sight.

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Slip into Something Comfy

shoe tray for slippers
Jay Wilde

Bare feet in the morning? No thanks. Park your favorite patterned tray in an out-of-the-way bathroom corner to house your coziest pairs of slippers.

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Reclaim a Bookcase

shoe shelving with circular storage
Cameron Sadeghpour

An existing bookcase or end table is the perfect place for shoes. Hanging shelf dividers and a galvanized tray keep boots upright and off the floor, while short sections of PVC pipe hold pairs of shoes on the shelf above.

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