6 Ways to Organize Power Cords

Avoid power cord tangles with these easy storage ideas.

Such a Cinch

Cinch cord bundles with stretchable bands designed to slip around baby bottles and sippy cups for labeling purposes. Bands can be customized with any text, including information about cord length and usage.

2. On a Roll

On a Roll

Feed looped cords onto a paper towel holder. Stash power strips and connectors in the basket above.

3. Hang It Up

Hang It Up

Drape a cord from each hook of a rotating tie-and-belt hanger. Tag cords with colored electrical tape.

4. Stick Together

Stick Together

Secure a wound-up cord with a hook-and-loop-tape strap. Use a paint pen to identify cord length and type.

5. Hooked on Organization

Hooked on Organization

Bundle cords with plastic zip ties and label with paper key tags. Keep cords neatly organized on sturdy garage wall hooks.

6. Custom Fit

Custom Fit

Buy clamping devices designed to secure bundles of cord inside lock-and-release teeth.

Plug In Safely

Avoid household injuries and fires with these tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  • Don't overload. Check an extension cord's wattage rating. Don't plug in items that draw more than its max.
  • Keep it loose. Never use cords that are coiled, looped, or covered by objects such as rugs. Use angled extension cords where furniture might push against the plug.
  • Toss it out. Replace a cord when the plastic casing appears cracked or feels hot or soft when in use.

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