How to Safely Pack All Your Holiday Decor to Avoid Disaster

Follow these storage tips to preserve your favorite decorations for years to come.
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It's the most wonderful time of the year! We love it all: the tree, the twinkling lights, the festive garlands, the gorgeous ornaments, and gift wrap galore. And while decking the halls is full of fun and merriment, packing it all away is anything but fun. You probably start with good intentions, carefully wrapping the most precious keepsakes and delicately untangling each strand of lights, but by the end of it all, you're just throwing those snowman figurines in the closest box and shoving it back into the attic. We get it. Putting away all the trimmings and trappings is time-consuming and you're kinda over it. But don't say bah humbug just yet! We've got some super handy hacks to make packing it all up a lot simpler. Plus, everything will be much easier to find next year when you're ready to bring on the holiday cheer once more. Check out our 6 holiday decor packing hacks right now:

1. Tangle-Free Twinkle Lights

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Every year you carefully unwind those lights one strand at a time, slowly and deliberately looping them around your arm and placing them gently into the box. Fast forward 11 months and those lights have somehow twisted themselves into a knotted mess that needs to be untangled...yet again. Not anymore! This year cut down one of the many boxes left over from your online Christmas shopping and wrap each strand of lights around a piece of cardboard. Secure each end with a piece of painter's tape and file them upright in a box. You can even write a quick label on each piece of cardboard: Outdoor vs. indoor, strand length, or what room they're used in. Not only will they stay tangle-free, you'll know exactly which strand you're grabbing next year!

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2. Accessible Extension Cords

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Now that you've got those lights in order, it's time to tackle all the extension cords. While you could wrap them around cardboard too, this hack makes it much easier to grab a cord whenever you need one. Coil the cords up, then slide them into a toilet paper or paper towel tube. Don't forget to write the length on the tube so you know exactly what you've got. This is a super simple organizational hack that will make life easier all year long!

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3. The Ultimate Ornament Organization Hack

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Wrapping and unwrapping ornaments can be so tedious. It takes forever and all of that tissue takes up a ton of room, making it rather inefficient. Plus, you'll never be able to quickly find a specific decoration in all that mess. This year, we recommend you lose the tissue all together with this packing hack. Choose a shallow box or plastic tote and assemble a simple grid with strips of cardboard. Each ornament gets its own little space so they won't damage each other! Super fragile keepsakes can be wrapped as well, but most don't need the extra packaging. If you choose a clear tote, you'll be able to see everything that's inside without even having to open it, making next year's decorating much more efficient! And we LOVE efficiency.

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4. Super Simple Hanging Wreath Storage

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Wreaths can be tricky to store. They don't quite fit into most boxes, but they really need to be covered to avoid dust and cobwebs. Here's a simple wreath storage hack using materials you already have at home: Make a loop around the top of the wreath with a zip tie and thread it over the top of a clothes hanger, then put the whole thing in a plastic garbage bag. Poke the hanger through the bottom and tie it shut. If you have just one or two, hang them from a hook in the garage or basement. Got a whole bunch? Try a portable garment rack to keep them off the floor and all in one place.

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5. Get That Gift Wrap in Order


Now that all the gifts have been wrapped (and unwrapped), it's time to put all the bows and bags away for next year. Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to really get everything in order this year. This gift wrap storage tower has us seriously swooning. Simply add some custom labels to a basic stack of drawers and suddenly you have all your gift wrap ultra-organized. Everything has a place, from bags and bows to tissue and tags, and the clear drawers let you see everything before you even open them. Now if you want to hit those after-Christmas clearance aisles for next year's wrapping, you'll have the perfectly organized place to stash it!

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6. Corral Those Christmas Cards

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The holidays have a wonderful way of keeping us in touch. We spend time with people we might not see throughout the year, and catch up on each other's lives via holiday letters and family photos. You might have come up with a gorgeous way to display all those cards, but where do they go when all the decorations come down? Simply punch a hole in the corner of each card and thread them on a single binder ring. You'll have a mini-album of people you love, and you can set the growing collection out each year to reminisce.

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