12 Home Organization Tips for Busy Rooms

laundry closet

Getting organized is this simple: Figure out what you have, decide what you need, and find the right places to put things. Check out these cheap tips and clever solutions for minimizing the mess in your home's challenging areas.

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Box Basics

Multilayered Console

Look for boxes and bins that are just the right size for holding folded blankets, magazines, and other living room odds and ends. Line them up under a low sofa table for a quick storage fix.

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Tray Chic


Create a pretty and practical catchall by placing a serving tray atop an ottoman or coffee table. Mix display pieces with everyday items such as pencils and stationery to maximize function.

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Family Files

Command Central

Store magazines, takeout menus, and other important documents in wall-mount magazine files. Label each file with a family member's name to keep everyone's belongings in order.

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Spectacular Storage


Create bonus work and storage space with a rolling-cart island. Built-in drawers and open shelving provide plenty of space for accessible storage.

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Create a Calm Kitchen

Open shelving

As the busiest room in the house, the kitchen needs careful organization to rein in the chaos. Start by utilizing the space you have. Use freestanding stacking units, storage bins, see-through jars, and labels for more organized storage within your cabinets and pantry.

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Take advantage of the inside of cabinet doors. A cork-board insert turns the interior door panel into a handy storage system and message board with the addition of a magnetic dry-erase board, hooks, clips, and containers. Store keys, contact information, shopping lists, and more behind closed doors.

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Maximize a Small Bath

Give your small bath the star treatment with these efficient organization and storage ideas.

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Declutter the Closet


The most private and personal space in your home—your bedroom closet—should be organized in a way that works best for you. Sliding drawers and storage baskets allow you to store foldable items and undergarments, while sufficient vertical space makes room for hanging clothes. A stackable shelf at the base of the closet provides extra shoe storage.

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Divide and Conquer


Use dividers to keep bathroom drawers from becoming jumbles. Sachets keep items together and separate small products, such as cotton balls and bath beads, into individual compartments.

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Basket Case

hanging metal paper organizers with labels

Use baskets to store bills, recipes, or miscellaneous notes, and arrange them in order of importance. Designating a place for random papers will prevent them from being scattered on your countertops.

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Love Your Laundry

washer and dryer

An organized and attractive laundry room can elevate a dreary chore into a satisfying accomplishment. Start by corralling cleaning aids in tidy containers within reach, and keep several laundry baskets at hand for sorting.

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Hanging Out

laundry closet

Install hooks on the wall in your closet to hang laundry bags and totes. This is a great way to keep dirty clothes off the floor and out of your way. A laundry tote with different compartments makes sorting laundry easy and saves time when you go to do a load.

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