6 Hat Storage Ideas to Organize Your Favorite Accessories

Whether you have a collection of sun hats, baseball caps, or cozy wool beanies, these hat storage ideas will help you organize your headgear.

Just behind shoes and bags, hats are the next most common accessory I'm asked to help find a home for in my clients' closets. The variety of shapes, sizes, and materials available for hats makes them hard to store and keep in order. And owning a small closet doesn't make it any easier.

The good news is that there are many ways to organize the different types of hats you have for every season. As a professional organizer, I'm witness to the many new and brilliant hat storage products introduced to the market each year, as well as the fresh methods conceived by talented organizers. Take a look through these favorite hat storage ideas to get your caps, berets, and beanies organized once and for all.

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1. Incorporate Hooks

One of the easiest solutions for storing hats is hooks. Choose hooks that jut out a bit from the wall and be sure to space them out to accommodate your hats. This way, your wide-brim, floppy hats won't overlap once put away. Consider hanging multiple hooks in a vertical line on a narrow strip of wall. Trade out straw hats and baseball caps worn to the pool or the beach in the summertime with felt hats or wool caps in the winter.

2. Use a Hanger

One of the best ways to organize baseball caps is to store them on a hanger. This prevents them from getting lost at the bottom of the closet or damaged in a tight drawer. Try either a row of clasps that slides onto an existing hanger or one that comes equipped with hooks.

Most can hold about up to a dozen hats at a time; simply clip the fabric near the top button of the baseball cap. Soft beanies also benefit from being stored this way but be careful not to get any pom poms or embellishments caught in a clasp.

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3. Organize a Hat Wall

Small closets call for a bit more creativity when it comes to hat storage. Rather than cramming hats into a tight closet alongside your clothing, dedicate a portion of your bedroom wall to display them. Hat walls are not only trendy at the moment but they also serve a dual purpose. They're functional and provide storage as well as provide inexpensive wall decor. To get the look, hang a few adhesive wall hooks so you can switch up the arrangement as needed.

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4. Store in Boxes, Baskets, or Bags

If you own an abundance of soft hats, such as berets, a simple way to keep them organized is by laying them vertically inside a bin. Keep the ones you wear often on top and place a label on the front of the bin before sliding it onto a shelf.

Delicate hats with brims can be stored in round boxes and stacked in the closet. To easily find the one you want to wear on any particular day, choose see-through containers instead of opaque versions. Similar to boxes, rectangular hat storage bags are a convenient way to store a row of baseball caps. Not only will it keep them tidy and dust-free but it also preserves their condition. These hat storage containers can be tucked away wherever you have a bit of horizontal space to spare.

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5. Stand Them on a Shelf

Aiming for a designer look in your primary closet? A hat stand not only looks luxe, but it also helps to keep Panama and rancher hats in tip-top shape. You can find them in popular finishes, such as gold, matte black, and even acrylic. Alternate storing your cherished headpieces on a stand between handbags or shoes to feel like you're walking into a boutique every day.

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6. Don't Forget the Back of a Door

Perhaps you lack the shelf space for a hat stand or boxes and rod space for additional hangers. Sure, you can try decluttering your closet to open up some room for hats. Or you can use the inside of the closet door to attach inexpensive adhesive hooks. Hats are generally lightweight, and these types of temporary hooks can easily hold them. Rather than make any holes in the wall, you can create renter-friendly storage with zero damage.

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How to Store Seasonal Hats

Good news: You don't necessarily have to find a home for all of your hats at once. If you live in an area that has significant temperature differences throughout the year, come up with a system to swap hats either quarterly or, more likely, twice per year. Tack it onto your seasonal home maintenance or cleaning to-do list so you don't forget to do the switch.

Each spring, vacuum-seal ski hats along with gloves and scarves and tuck the bag away on a high shelf during the hot months. Any hats with fragile adornments should be carefully wrapped with tissue paper and placed in a box or bin for storage. To ensure the crown stays in shape, stuff the inside with paper as well. Whatever you do, keep hats out of direct sunlight to avoid any fading.

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