Sometimes even the smallest items make a space look cluttered. Clean up messy media items—such as remotes, discs, magazines, and more—with these clever storage hacks.

By Katie Bandurski

Bookshelves are great for storing beloved classics and permanent stories of your personal collection, but what about storing library books? Or novels you're in the middle of reading? Opt for out-in-the-open storage. Keep them in neat stacks on a nearby sofa table, coffee table, or other flat, sturdy surface. Arrange by color or size for a decorative finish.

2. Craft a Couch Caddy

If your couch doubles as a desk, keep all media needs within reach with this DIY couch caddy. It's made of simple building materials, like plywood and wood glue, and can be customized to fit your furniture. The size is perfect for holding a laptop, tablet, and any charging accessories. 

3. Label Video Game Accessories

Your kids might know which remote belongs with each piece of technology, but you have more important things to remember. Let labels do the talking when you store video game remotes, cords, and controllers in caddies. Magazine holders work great for larger items, and small bins hold remotes with ease. Keep the bins in plain sight, or stash them within an entertainment center in a formal space.

4. Set Up a TV Tray

This is by far the easiest option for media storage. Look for a basic tray with handles (or DIY your own) to corral remotes, notepads, stray DVDs, and more. The trick is to not let the tray become too cluttered. Make a rule that only one of each item will live in the tray at all times, so when you go to put in a new magazine, you must take an old one out.

5. Organize Albums

Vinyl lovers, rejoice! We found the perfect way to store your favorite albums. A stylish entertainment center with open base cabinets has enough room to keep your record collection intact without sacrificing too much floor space. Mount floating shelves around a mounted TV to house speakers and other media items.

6. Let It All Slide Out

Secret storage isn't reserved for revolving bookcases. This coffee table with a slide-out surface effortlessly blends style and function. The top half moves out of the way to reveal ample storage space for remotes and other unsightly electronic accessories. A shallow tray on top of the table corrals need-you-now items, such as the latest best seller or this month's issue of a favorite magazine. 

7. Use Buckets or Bins

The problem with many media items isn't so much their size or shape, but rather their unsightly appearance. Video game controllers, for example, look childish in a well-dressed living space. Amp up the style factor by storing such items in galvanized bins or metal baskets. These containers look stylish in nearly any room and can be found in various sizes so your wares are guaranteed to fit.

8. Store DVDs with Bookends

Yes, we know they're called bookends, but that doesn't mean they can't hold other items in place. Bookends can add major style to your movie collection. Simply use them to prop up DVD cases. And if you'd rather save than splurge, any two items with a relatively heavy base will do the trick.


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