Genius Organizing Apps That Will Change Your Life

Life is complicated, but these oh-so-handy apps bring a dose of organization to every aspect of your life.

Mint Budget App

Get a glimpse of your entire financial picture with this free, easy-to-use financial management app that links to your bank accounts, credit cards, and investments. You can set alerts to notify you of fees, remind you to pay bills, and warn you if you're going over budget. Pay bills through the app and track daily spending from anywhere.

Free on iOS and Android

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Cozi Family Organizer App

Create color-coded events for every member of your family in this simple, yet comprehensive family planner. In addition to calendar events, you can create to-do and grocery lists. You can send lists, reminders, and weekly agendas to family members. Cozi layers in another level of convenience with a recipe box that stores your favorite dishes and will add ingredients to the grocery list. All of the features are free, but you can upgrade to Cozi Gold for $2.50 a month and enjoy an ad-free version that includes contacts, a birthday tracker, and additional views and features.

Free basic version. $2.50 a month for Cozi Gold. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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HomeZada House Maintenance App

Your home is a big investment. HomeZada helps you manage ongoing maintenance projects with tips and timely reminders. You can also keep an inventory of your home's contents, warranty information, and manuals. For remodeling projects, it's a great way to keep track of expenses and save new product information, such as appliance model numbers and paint colors. This app works in tandem with the full-function desktop program.

Free for iOS and Android.

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TripIt Travel Organizer App

Once a trip is planned, it can be difficult to collate all the confirmation information for flights, hotels, ground transportation, and dinner reservations in a well-organized manner. This app brings everything together in one easy-to-view itinerary. Simply forward your confirmation e-mails to TripIt and it will automatically be added to the trip itinerary in your app. Frequent travelers would benefit from the TripIt Pro Subscription ($48.99/year) which provides real-time flight information, a seat tracker, and more.

Free basic version or $.99 for ad-free version in iOS and Android.

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Pro Party Planner App

Consolidate all of the plans for your next party with the Pro Party Planner App for $4.99. You can easily manage invites, expenses, and room layouts. A text feature makes it easy to contact attendees with updates or reminders. This app also allows you to create a timeline and delegate tasks to others. If there's a wedding in your future, there is a similar app just for weddings, Pro Wedding Planner.

$4.99 on iOS.

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Passible Password App

We all feel the pain of password overload. Keep all of your passwords, log-in information, and credit card info in one secure place with this app. It might sound scary to put all of your information in one spot, but this app uses military-strength AES-256 bit encryption to keep you, and your information, safe. For added peace of mind, you can remotely wipe information if your device is ever lost or stolen. Mobile shopping is a breeze with auto-fill features. Quick-touch technology makes this app simple for you to find what you need.

Free basic version on iOS. Passible Premium Upgrade $2.99.

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PepperPlate Recipe App

Avid cooks will love being able to save new recipes as well as their own tried-and-true favorites in one spot. Import recipes you find online or upload recipes from Grandma's handwritten cards with ease. Schedule your favorite meals into a weekly meal plan or create a multidish menu for special events. There's even a timer that can be set for cooking multiple dishes at the same time.

Free on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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AllRecipes Dinner Spinner App

Not sure what's for dinner? No worries! This app will flip through thousands of great recipes to give you a personalized suggestion. You can save recipes to Favorites to cook later or add ingredients to a shopping list. Bonus: The app connects with retailers to let you know if any ingredients are on sale at a local store.

Free on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Garden Plan Pro App

Get more from your garden with this comprehensive garden planning app. You can plot your garden in the app and get advice on when to plant and harvest, based on local weather information. For long-term success, you'll also get suggestions for crop rotation and succession.

$7.99 for iOS.

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RetailMeNot Coupon App

You'll never miss out on a deal by forgetting coupons at home when you have this app on your phone. It's easy to search for deals ahead of time and save coupons from your favorite shops, such as Macy's or Bed, Bath & Beyond, or use the location information to find active deals nearby. You can also view the day's top discounts or search by category. Set up alerts for when there's a hot deal at one of your favorite stores. Scan the bar code at checkout and enjoy the savings!

Free on iOS and Android.

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Collect your thoughts and online research in one work space that is accessible across all your devices. Clip and save articles, handwritten notes, or snap pictures to add to your project folder. In addition to writing, you can also create presentations with Evernote. The basic platform is free and a great option for students, families, and bloggers. Professionals might prefer one of three upgraded programs for extended upload limits and greater team collaboration features. Prices range from $25 to $120 per year.

Free basic version on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Tody Cleaning Scheduler App

Making sure your home is clean is a top priority, but it can be a tough one to actually have time for. That's where Tody comes in. It's a user-friendly smartphone app that allows you to set up a smart, recurring cleaning schedule, making it easier to fit cleaning into your weekly routine. With this great app, maybe cleaning will actually start to be fun! Get the details.

Chorma Chore Assigner App

Finding time to clean your apartment if you live alone can be difficult enough; add family or roommates' messes to the mix and it becomes at least double the mess with less time to tidy. Thankfully, Chorma is here! We love this app because it allows you and your roommates to assign household tasks to one another and track progress. This is one more step towards having that neat, organized abode you've always wanted!

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Sometimes coming up with new ideas for your household organization can be tough, so that's why we're super excited about BrightNest! It's an easy-to-use smartphone app that gives you cleaning and organizing tips and ideas that you can try around your house. Plus, for those environmentally-conscious householders, it has DIY cleaning solution recipes that are gentle on both appliances and their users. Get the details.


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