Furniture That Doubles as Storage

No space for a built-in? No problem! These furniture pieces will help increase your home's storage capacity without gobbling up tons of square footage.

Double Duty

A vintage trunk doubles as a low-lying end table in this sunny sitting room. The interior of the trunk offers stowaway space for cozy blankets and extra throw pillows, and the top of the piece can hold a stack of books or a tray of drinks while entertaining. The trunk offers plenty of storage space without interfering with foot traffic in the small room.

It Takes Two

Large pieces of furniture can overwhelm small living spaces. This living room boasts two backless storage cubes that offer the functionality of a coffee table without eating up needed floor space. The units provide a convenient spot to store a vast magazine collection, and their open design plays into the living room's light and airy aesthetic.

Vintage Charm

This small antique end table is outfitted with drawer and shelf space to accommodate an array of small gadgets and accessories. The drawers keep tiny items such as paper and pens out of sight, while the open shelf and tabletop are home to a collection of books and magazines. To give the antique piece new life, it was covered with a fresh coat of vibrant blue paint.

Sitting Pretty

A pair of velvet ottomans pulls double duty as seating and storage in this stately living room. Making the most of limited space, the ottomans house small items, such as table linens, for the adjacent dining room. Plush velvet fabric and softly cushioned tops ensure the pieces function as cozy pull-up seating for an intimate gathering.

Gather Around

When furnishing a tiny space, it's important to search for pieces that can have multiple uses. This small living room is centered on a vintage coffee table that offers both style and function. Large drawers below the spacious tabletop offer family-friendly storage for board games, books, and more. Casters on the coffee table allow easy mobility when the sitting area needs to be rearranged for entertaining.

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See how this 600 square-foot apartment can have three distinct looks--neutral oasis, color connection, and saturation point--with the simple swap of a few accents.

Stately Storage

With space inside for books, board games, and spare blankets, a storage-packed ottoman reduces the need for built-in units in this elegant living room. When closed, the ottoman provides a cozy footstool and a resting spot for a tray of books and decor.

Dining in Style

Small spaces beg for creative storage solutions. Give a small dining room a boost with a convenient storage bench. In addition to providing seating for two, the top of this bench can be lifted to stash spare table linens and other dining room essentials. The bench can also be easily moved into the adjoining living room space to provide extra seating for guests.

On the Move

This mobile bench offers more than just a convenient perch to prepare for a morning jaunt -- the base of the unit boasts storage cubbies that can house a whole host of footwear. Wheels on the bench help it easily move around the small mudroom tuck in neatly below the shelves of a small built-in unit.

Making an Entrance

Make the most of a small entryway with a narrow storage bench. This unit includes three deep drawers that can house items for the whole family, such as hats, gloves, scarves, and shoes. The bench also offers a convenient perch to put on or take off shoes near the door.

Sunny Storage

Create your own window seat using storage cubbies topped with a cushion. The project will give you the look of a built-in without the cost. Colorful baskets tucked into the cubbies house stuffed animals, games, and other toys to keep this family space clutter-free.

Suite Retreat

Foot-of-the-bed storage is a simple solution for bedrooms lacking closet space. This wicker trunk offers space to stow away out-of-season clothing and accessories as well as a set of spare bed sheets. When it's closed, the top of the trunk provides a spot to sit and put on socks or shoes in the morning. Benches outfitted with shelving or drawers below the seat are also popular bedroom storage solutions.

Within Arm's Reach

Create a bedside library with a nightstand outfitted with several shelves. Use the lower shelf to store favorite books or magazines, while the upper shelves can house of-the-moment reads. Wall-mount reading lamps free up the tabletops so they can be used to display more books, decorative elements, and a collection of bedtime necessities such as lip balm or hand lotion.

Bathroom Boost

No wall space for extra cabinetry in your bath? Consider incorporating a small bench like this one, which is outfitted with a deep drawer to house spare hand towels and toiletries. Located in a corner near the shower, the bench adds needed storage capacity in a space that would ordinarily go unused. The plush cushion on top of the bench is covered with terry cloth fabric so it can stand up to the moisture in the bathroom.

Outdoor Living

A rustic antique trunk sneakily boosts storage in this cozy outdoor space. When closed, the trunk functions as an outdoor coffee table, offering a spot to set drinks and plates while entertaining. After the party ends, the homeowners can open the unit to tuck away outdoor throws and cushions. The trunk's weathered finish blends perfectly with the home's rough-cut stone siding.

Garden Party

A ceramic garden stool can function as an end table or a spot to rest appetizers during an outdoor gathering. Or, if you lack adequate seating for all of the guests, simply use the stool to create an extra perch that's near the action.

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