Four Savvy Closet Features

Large or small, a well-planned closet seems to organize itself. To maximize the space you have, identify ways to effectively hang, fold, and corral everything inside -- while keeping it visible and accessible. Sound impossible? It's not -- even if you're starting with a closet far less equipped than the made-to-order system shown here.

Incorporate a foolproof storage method such as cubbyholes and tap into an almost automatically well-kept shoe collection. Ready tomorrow's outfit on an extension valet, which provides handy pullout hanging space.

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When your closet includes a flat surface for folding clothes, you're more likely to keep shirts and sweaters neatly stacked. The pullout "drawer" can also be covered with a towel and used as a place to lay hand-washed sweaters flat while they dry.

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Wherever there's clothing, there's dirty laundry. So it makes sense to keep a hamper close at hand, where you can toss dirty clothes as soon as you take them off. Designate a space to keep soiled clothing off the floor and out of site. A deep pullout bin makes a great built-in hamper.

You're more likely to get rid of pesky wrinkles if an ironing board is at your fingertips. But having it close by doesn't mean it has to be full view. Like a Murphy Bed, this ironing board folds away into a wall unit until needed.

Jewelry is less likely to get lost and tangled and more likely to get worn when you keep it organized in a shallow drawer. Purchase multicompartment drawer trays and organize by style, color, or type.


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