Unless you've already mastered the art of complete organization (congrats!), we are all seeking more order in our lives. There are endless tips, methods, and ideas on how to reach the goal of an organized home, but sometimes it is the simplest ideas that work the best. Clear containers are proven power players. Try these five ways to use clear containers in your home to easily navigate any organization challenge.

Utilize a Door

This tip uses two tricks of the organizing trade. Start by making the most of the inside of closet doors for organizing office supplies, wrapping paper, and crafts supplies. Up your game by using clear containers so everything can be easily found and put away. An organization system that ties all of these purposes together is a great foundation to start from and avoids the need for a DIY approach.

Think Out of the Box

Continuing the ideas above, using the backs of doors is a great way to maximize unused space and make things very accessible. The many small items from a kitchen or crafts room can easily get lost in a "junk drawer." By placing them in a clear organizer meant for shoes, small items can easily and quickly be found without digging around. Take things up a notch and label the pockets so you always know where to put items back.

Small-Space Organizing Solutions

Get Crafty With It

If your crafts supplies need more space, a cabinet dedicated to their storage may be what is in order. By using clear containers, this crafts cabinet allows for any project to be started easily. No longer will you be double-buying crafts supplies because you can't find them. Chalkboard labels that can easily be changed allow for the items to be moved to different containers as supplies are used up or added to. For more tips on how to organize a crafts cabinet, visit Finding Home Farms.

Opt for Pretty

Clear containers don't have be function-only. This bathroom organization trick not only corrals all the necessary items that end up on the bathroom counter, it also brings in a lot of style. If this rustic look doesn't suit your taste, try using a board painted white or the same color as your wall.

Get Your Shoes In Gear

If space allows, get your shoes off the floor or out of a basket, and store them in individual clear containers. Not only does it keep them organized and easy to find, it also protects them from being crushed or scuffed in your closet. They will be easy to browse and pair up with an outfit. Best of all, the bonus is you get to see all the shoes you love so much on a daily basis!

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