Essential Organizing Products for Closets

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Color-Coded Hangers


Wood hangers keep freshly pressed clothing wrinkle-free while supplying sturdy silhouettes that allow clothing to breathe. Opt for hangers of different colors to visually separate his from hers, group seasonal items, or coordinate accessories and apparel.

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Self-Adhesive Hooks


Sticky-backed hooks, which are readily available and inexpensive, go up in a jiffy and can be removed without damaging surfaces. Position a few on a closet wall to store necklaces, scarves, and neckties within sight and reach.

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Telescoping Valet Rod

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No budget for a personal stylist? Install an extendable valet rod that gives you ample hanging space for pulling together an outfit, assembling clothing for an upcoming trip, or temporarily parking incoming dry cleaning.

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Baskets of Every Size

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Colorful baskets boost a closet's utility, organize smaller accessories, and brighten views. Stock closet shelves with different sized baskets so you can group and store lingerie, casual clothing, purses, and footwear in an orderly fashion.

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Adjustable Shelving System

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Adjustable shelving and rod systems take advantage of every available inch of space in both walk-in and reach-in closets. They also let you alter configurations as your storage needs change. In addition to rods and shelves, these systems accommodate angled shoe racks and gliding mesh drawers and can be paired with freestanding closet organizers.

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Hanging Jewelry Organizer


Say "So long!" to tangled necklaces and wayward earrings! This colorful organizer attaches to a hanger via hook-and-loop tape and supplies plenty of pockets for storing baubles. Using jewelry organizers inside your closet lets you keep gems close to the clothes they're meant to accessorize.

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Shelf Dividers


Slipping dividers onto closet shelves allows you to quickly build compartments that keep stacked clothing piles upright and separate. Although shown here in a bedroom closet, these dividers work equally well in linen closets as they form designated holding areas for sheets, towels, and blankets.

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Top Tips for Clothing Closets

Treat your bedroom closet to an organization makeover with these smart storage tips.

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Clear Containers


Want to take a visual inventory of stored supplies and wardrobe essentials? Equip closet shelves with see-through plastic containers, sweater boxes, stacking bins, and drawer units. Use them to hold crafting materials, hair accessories, office supplies, shoes, and other objects that you use regularly.

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Over-the-Door Towel Rods


Over-the-door racks equipped with multiple rods hold more than just towels. Add one to a linen closet to store bulky table linens; thanks to their rounded shapes, the rods keep linens free of wrinkles and fold marks.

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Labels and Tags


Labeling boxes, bins, and baskets lets everyone know what's stowed where, which makes for easy retrieval. Content identifiers -- self-stick labels, dry-erase tapes, or tie-on tags -- also ensure that removed objects are returned to their rightful containers.

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Hook Racks


Multiple hooked racks that mount to the back of a closet door enhance storage capacity. Hook racks are widely available in a variety of styles and sizes, so choose a model that suits your decorating preferences and satisfies your storage needs.

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Wire Drawers

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Wire drawers in freestanding frames bring dresserlike utility to closets. The streamlined units allow air to circulate, which keeps your clothing smelling fresh. Opt for a mix of shallow and deep drawers to accommodate different types of gear. Shallow drawers work well for paired-up socks; deeper drawers accommodate everything from workout clothing to kids' stuffed animals.

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Drawer Organizers


Divide and conquer small items that too often end up as jumbled messes when thrown into a drawer, bin, or basket. Drawer organizer inserts neatly separate and stow things like socks, scarves, and underwear so you can easily find what you need when you need it.

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Vintage hatboxes bring splashes of nostalgic style to your closet. Set on a shelf, floor, or dresser top, they supply appealing period graphics and deep cavities for all sorts of accessories.

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Hanging Drawers


Compartmentalized hanging canvas organizers provide a wealth of storage options. Some offer open compartments, which are ideal for clothing items that require stacking. Others, like this one, provide one open cubby that can be used for clutches, shoes, or sweaters. Drawers below hold everything from undergarments to out-of-season clothing.

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Specialty Hangers


Closets equipped with hangers expand function without taking up too much rod space. You'll find a range of specialty hanger styles designed to tidily store scarves, neckties, belts, and even jewelry. Look for hangers equipped with clips to grasp mittens, winter caps, and wooly scarves.

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Over-the-Door Shoe Bags


Over-the-door organizers allow you to store shoes off the floor in an orderly fashion, which opens closet interiors to space-stretching options, such as dual-hanging rods and freestanding drawer units. The pockets can also hold socks, scarves, and jewelry to free up drawer space, or be used as a see-through stockpile for kids' action figures and dolls.

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Create a Closet Workstation

Short on storage space? Turn an underused closet into a do-it-all workstation with just a few clever add-ons.

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S Hooks


One rod and multiple S hooks, as well as specialty cupholder hooks, fashion an inexpensive but customizable closet system that can be mounted at any height. Use it on the back of a children's closet door to hold shoes and gear, or mount the versatile system as a coat closet of sorts near your main entry.

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Wire Baskets


Good-looking wire baskets installed on a wall enhance a closet's utility. The baskets handily fit narrow spaces and can be mounted on a closet door. Here, the baskets increase a craft closet's storage capacity, but they can just as easily hold scarves, purses, or jewelry.

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Garment Bags


Garment bags work well to store clothing until the appropriate season rolls around again. Hanging bags, which protect clothes from becoming wrinkled and dusty, stow outerwear, formal dresses, and bulky items. To make room in your closet for in-season clothes, put last season's wardrobe in a garment bag; hang the bag in an underused closet or on a hanging rack in a dry basement, attic, or laundry room.

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DIY Hooks


Create a jewelry-holding closet rack with glass knobs that sparkle as prettily as your treasures. Cut a plywood board or MDF to your desired length, mark knob placements, and drill mounting holes. Sand, prime, and paint the board; let all surfaces dry before attaching the knobs. Mount the board to a closet wall to hold necklaces, bracelets, and skinny belts.

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Rods for Ties


Create a menswear section by mounting towel or drapery rods on a closet wall. The vertical rods support and present neckwear in tidy rows and grab-and-go fashion. Install a multiprong hook above to accommodate belts; place a shelf below to hold accessories or shoes.

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