Organizing all of your media essentials can be a challenge, but a storage-savvy entertainment center will help you maximize available space with style.

Modern TVs are thinner and sleeker than ever before. And this shift has opened up a whole new realm of storage possibilities. A boxy, old-school set could never have been the focal point of a storage-savvy mantel display. But smart TVs have built-in features that eliminate bulky components. Frame one with shallow shelving for a 21st-century mantel topper. This entertainment center uses a combination of built-in storage and shelves to stash books and collectibles. 

Dressed Down

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Between DVD players, video game systems, and cable boxes, most homes have an assortment of electronic components in addition to their television. Make space for these tech toys be repurposing an old dresser as an entertainment console. Remove a few drawers to create storage space for electronic components and give the piece a fresh coat of paint. Keep doors on some compartments to hide small items such as DVDs or game controllers.

Compressed Logic

TV Stand Storage

Don't toss that turntable quite yet. Vinyl records are making a comeback, which means you still need space for your record collection. Whether they're favorites from decades past or new releases, it's important to store your albums properly. This shelving unit is ready for the job. It has a wide, sturdy base perfect for storing records, while its narrowing ledges display speakers, art, and collectibles. A wall-mounted TV is the crown jewel of the collection, nestled front and center.

On Trend

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Media storage doesn't have to lack style. This entertainment center features classic lines and construction, but also offers modern details. Wide and deep cabinets keep movies, video games, and other entertainment essentials out of sight, while long copper handles add a touch of trend. To finish the look, framed artwork surrounds the TV to create a makeshift gallery wall. 

Right Size

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A smaller entertainment center is perfect for rooms like a bedroom, basement, or den that feature a home's second TV but lack the responsibility of storing the family's entire media collection. The key to storing more in a smaller entertainment center is to separate the console into zones. Use bins and baskets to organize games, remotes, and like items. Then fill the cabinets based on use. Keep everyday items front and center, then stash lesser-used items near the back. 


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A family room or play area is the ideal spot for a storage-savvy entertainment center. Not only are you storing movies and books but also games, toys, and other kid activities. Opt for a built-in or freestanding entertainment center with plenty of shelf and cabinet space. Then go through your items and consolidate. For instance, keep DVDs and other discs in a binder instead of their individual cases. Or corral all art supplies in one easy-to-carry tote rather than separate containers.

Hidden Away

Small living room

Can you find the TV in this room? Neither could we. That's because it's hidden away in a sleek built-in entertainment center. The middle compartment slides open when it's time to view your favorite show. The spacious base cabinetry holds other entertainment needs like movies and gaming systems. This design works well for those who want their entertainment center completely hidden from view until needed.

Over the Top

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Displaying your favorite reads just got easier. The trick is to find a deep cabinet or console table. Line up shorter novels in the back, then stack larger books in appealing rows. Small drawers store bookmarks, notebooks, and other reading needs. A TV mounted above the storage unit transforms the space into an entertainment destination.

Concealed Cabinetry

Entertainment unit
Credit: SW corner of the TV room/Family room

Well-dressed entertainment centers have mastered the balance between storage and chic. At a glance, this living room looks airy and open with no clutter to be found. A few well-chosen pieces of art add interest to the space above the television. But on the inside of the built-in entertainment center, the cabinets are full of movies, games, extra blankets, and other unsightly items.


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