Easy Ways to Store Gift Wrapping Supplies

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Corral wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and other holiday gift wrapping supplies with these easy storage projects you can finish in a weekend.

Seasonal Wrapping Station

A corner in your office, guest bedroom, or kids playroom can serve as gift wrapping central. Scoot in a table for a flat surface, or let an existing desk do double-duty. Put the wall to work with a clutch of clear adhesive hooks. They're so unobtrusive they nearly disappear on the wall and come off without a trace. Secure labels and tags on a clipboard, tuck tissue paper in a wire-mesh wall file, and suspend scissors, bags, and wrapping-paper rolls so they're in easy reach without cluttering the table.

Repurposed Tools

For repurposing at its finest, nestle a roll of twine in a stainless-steel cup meant for draining flatware. We found this one at a restaurant supplies store for just a few dollars. Thread one end of the twine through a hole for tangle-free unwinding, measuring, and clipping.

Party-Paper Storage Hamper

An ordinary hamper can collect rolls of wrapping paper, spools of ribbon, and other gift wrapping supplies. It snugs into a corner in the off-season, and when gift wrapping festivities commence, it can move wherever it's needed. Choose a hamper tall enough to stash gift wrap and still allow the lid to close. S hooks on the rim keep scissors, labels (we slipped ours into a plastic pencil case), and bows from getting lost.

Top-Shelf Storage

For those who prefer gift bags and tissue paper, this ultra-efficient gift-wrap storage option is for you. Tucked on a shelf in a bedroom closet, clear containers (a plastic refrigerator bin and a magazine holder set on its spine) organize tissue paper and gift bags. Place bag handles facing out so they are easy to grab.

Personalizing Crafts Caddy

If you're the type to put a personal touch on every bag, box, and card, this convenient carryall -- loaded with everything you need to dress up presents -- is your seasonal essential. Once a wooden wine carrier (available at World Market and other specialty stores), its eight compartments now gather stickers, tape, markers, and small boxes into one handy, portable kit. You could also use an old tool or tackle box.

Out-of-Sight Gift-Wrap Storage

The sneakiest storage for present particulars just might be a lidded underbed container, which stays out of the way until the moment it's needed. Be sure to buy one that's long enough to hold your favorite rolls of gift wrap (they range in length from 20 to 36 inches), and slip in a couple of drawer sorters for taming the tumble of tape, tags, and twine.

Over-the-Door Storage for Gift Wrapping Supplies

Keep all of your gift wrapping supplies organized in an over-the-door rack to save space while maintaining a pretty and accessible display. Line up spools of ribbon by size or color on the top shelf, and store frequently used tools such as scissors and tape on the middle shelf where they're easy to reach. Drape tissue paper over the bar of a shelf to keep it rumple-free, and store wrapping-paper rolls and gift bags in the bottom two shelves.

Gift Wrapping Station with Storage

Simplify your approach to holiday gift wrapping by sticking with a single color palette. Buying wrapping paper in two solid colors and two patterns will give you enough variety to create lots of different gift looks. Store rolls of wrapping paper easily by fitting tension rods between shelf supports; hang scissors and tape from the shelf with little hooks so they're always easily accessible.

Gift Wrapping Desk with Hanging Storage

Set up your gift wrapping station at a desk with plenty of drawers and overhead cabinets to make storing supplies easy. Line up spools of brightly colored ribbon on a metal rod so you can easily select and cut only what you need without getting the ribbon tangled. Store crinkled paper and premade bows in clear plastic containers that you can hang on the wall, and use hooks to hang small gift bags. Keep scissors, tape, and glue handy, and you're all set for the holidays.

Wooden Gift Wrapping Supplies Organizer

Store up to 10 spools of ribbon for gift wrapping in an overhead wooden container mounted on the wall, and keep your rolls of wrapping paper tucked under your desk space with this wooden organizer for gift wrapping supplies. For the ribbon container, place a fitted rod with the ribbon spools inside the container, and drill holes in the front to thread the ribbon through. Bonus: The ribbon container can also be used as a handy shelf when mounted on the wall.

Wrapping-Paper Bucket

If you're short on space or don't have time to craft a storage unit for your gift wrapping supplies, a simple cylindrical container will work well. Store up to 10 rolls of wrapping paper in a handy container placed near where you plan to wrap gifts, then store in a closet space when you're not using it.

Simple Gift-Wrap Organizer

Gift wrapping will be easy when you keep all of your supplies together in plain view. Keep your long and short rolls of wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine all together at this desk. Store long rolls in a drawer, shorter rolls in a cylindrical container, and the ribbon and twine on an elevated vertical spool.

Store Gift Wrapping Supplies in Drawers

An easy way to store your gift wrapping supplies such as wrapping paper, gift bags, and adhesive bows is to simply put them in drawers. Organize by color, type of wrapping, or occasion, and you'll never be on the hunt for the right gift wrapping supplies again.

Pegboard Gift Wrapping Storage Center

Use basic builder's cabinets to create an elaborate wrapping station. Pick cabinets that have pullout shelves to increase storage capabilities. Install a pegboard above the cabinets, and use S hooks to hang supplies. The countertop provides a flat surface that's perfect for cutting paper and wrapping presents. This station is great for year-round wrapping.

Keep Gift Wrapping Supplies Hidden

If you don't have desk space that you want to completely dedicate to gift wrapping, keep your supplies organized (but still hidden) in this desk storage solution for crafts supplies. Store items you always need -- such as markers, tape, scissors, and glue -- on top of the desk. Put other items in labeled baskets, and store wrapping paper on its side underneath the desk in the back.

Under-the-Bed Wrapping Station

Wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows are important during the holidays, but being able to access these supplies all year will come in handy when you need to wrap a last-minute birthday present. Create this under-the-bed wrapping station by adding dividers to a basic plastic storage box. Decide which supplies you want in each section, and add labels you can see from the outside. Fill the box and slide it under the bed until your next wrapping emergency.

Gift Wrapping Station from Repurposed Items

Repurpose items to create a personalized wrapping station. Install a divided shelf above a desk. The slots house wrapping paper and cards. On the desk, a three-tier basket holds ribbons, bows, and other small items. Place other specialty wrapping supplies on the desk.

Pieced-Together Gift Wrapping Station

Use basic office supplies to create holiday wrapping storage. Use an adjustable shelf unit to hold smaller items, such as writing utensils, scissors, tape, and gift tags. Place a rolling drawer unit under the shelf. Arrange stacking bins and a magazine holder filled with standing wrapping-paper rolls on top of the rolling drawers. Set this unit up in the garage or basement next to your other tools.

Holiday Storage Hamper

Can't remember where you stored the tissue paper or a roll of tape? Have everything you need in one place with this holiday hamper. Take an ordinary clothes hamper with a lid and staple long ribbons or cords to the inside of the lid. Tie the ribbon around the tissue paper or string it through a roll of decorative ribbon spools so it's ready when you need it. Add pockets around the opening of the hamper to hold tape, markers, and other supplies.

Bonus! Greeting Card Storage

If you tend to buy greeting cards with no particular recipient in mind, keep them organized in a hanging-file organizer. Store them by type in folders with labels so you can easily select the perfect card to go with your gift when you need it.

Bonus! Gift-Giving Organizer

Organizing your gift-giving ideas is just as important as organizing your gift wrapping supplies themselves -- keep track of all of the essentials (clothing sizes, favorite colors, etc.) in a journal, labeling each section with the recipient's name on a tab to make holiday gift-giving a simple task.

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