Go beyond the refrigerator. Display your kid's creations in one of these creative ways.

Updated April 13, 2018

1. Digital Art

Scan or snap digital photos of artwork and load them onto a digital photo frame for a continuously rotating exhibit of every piece.

2. Hidden Storage

Collect multiple pieces inside a shadow box frame. Swap out the display image when the mood strikes.

3. Easy Art Show

Mount a display rail on the fridge or several along a wall to slide new artwork into place after it's created. Personalize with wooden or foam letters.

4. Dangling Display

Turn artwork into a playful mobile by dangling a few pieces from a magnet-and-wire-cable system.

5. Just Like the Pros

Use an art portfolio to collect each precious creation. Snap photos of the artist with the masterpieces; record details such as dates and occasions.

6. Clip Art

Turn clipboards into quick-change frames. Prop on a shallow shelf for a fun display that's easy to update.

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