Declutter Your Home—Fast!

Conquer clutter in quick 15-minute organization sprints. These strategies help you target specific storage tasks in every room.

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    The Strategy

    While you may not be able to clear all the clutter in your home in 15 minutes, by taking a little time to focus on specific tasks, you can get organized little by little. These ideas will show you how to conquer the common clutter culprits room by room.


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    15-Minute Fixes: Kitchens


    Target the pantry staple that's tripping you up. Maybe it's baking supplies or snacks. Use bins and baskets to organize similar items. Label your containers so you know what goes where when you're unloading your next round of groceries.



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    15-Minute Fixes: Kitchens

    The Junk Drawer

    There is such a thing as an organized junk drawer and it can be yours with these simple steps.



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    15-Minute Fixes: Kitchens



    Label the lids on your spice jars and store them in a drawer or basket. Use a desk tray intended for office supplies to stand everything upright.

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    15-Minute Fixes: Kitchens

    Baking Sheet & Platters

    Create a vertical partition in a cabinet with pairs of wooden inserts or spring-loaded curtain rods to keep baking sheets, platters, cutting boards, and trays in line.


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    15-Minute Fixes: Dining Rooms

    Entertaining Extras

    Organize small entertaining extras, like tea lights and napkin rings, in a storage caddy designed for tea cups.


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    15-Minute Fixes: Dining Rooms

    The Extra Clutter

    "Undesignated space is the key problem in eating spaces," says professional organizer Lorie Marrero. "Rather than dumping stuff on the table, assign specific places for specific items and create destination stations." If paper is the problem, set up a basket or tray sorting system to organize kid’s papers, mail, and more. If your dining room doubles as an office or homework station, wrangle desk supplies into organizers and stash them in a cabinet.

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    15-Minute Fixes: Living Rooms

    Lost and Found

    Set up a "lost and found" system in your living room or family room. Assign each family member their own basket. Toss their items into their basket as you clean, and set up your own rules as to what needs to be done with the basket. Do family members need to empty it when it's full? Or do you have a once-a-week basket clean out session?



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    15-Minute Fix: Living Rooms

    Games and Puzzles

    Stacked board games and puzzles are an invitation for crashing piles. Fix the potential storage disaster with a rubber-coated wire pan rack. The slots will keep boxes upright and easy to grab.



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    15-Minute Fix: Living Rooms

    What's Your Pitfall?

    Identify your biggest clutter culprit. Is it magazines and mail? Kid's gear? Spend a few minutes every day, or every few days, tackling the biggest violator.


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    15-Minute Fixes: Bathrooms

    First Aid Supplies

    Corral bandages, ointments, and first aid supplies in a utensil tray. Clip on file tabs to identify what goes where.



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    15-Minute Fixes: Bathrooms

    Deal the Duplicates

    You may be surprised by just how many bottles of shampoo you have lurking under your sink. Try professional organizer Lauren Leist's "shop from home strategy": Store your excess products elsewhere and check your inventory before you go shopping. 

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    15-Minute Fixes: Bedrooms


    Streamline your shoe storage and stow away off-season shoes. (You don't really want to look at your espadrilles when there's 12 inches of snow on the ground, anyway.) Pack shoes one layer deep in a labeled underbed bin. For easiest access, choose a clear container with wheels and a split lid.

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    15-Minute Fixes: Bedrooms

    Hanging Clothes

    Organize the hanging clothes in your closet by item and add hanger tags so you keep like garments together.



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    15-Minute Fixes: Bedrooms


    Can't ever find the exact pair of earrings you want? Implement a system that allows you to see everything you have. Organize small earrings in a divided tray and hang necklaces from a decorative corkboard. Hang bigger earrings on a piece of metal screening placed inside a frame.

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    15-Minute Fixes: Kid's Rooms


    Make it a habit to spend 10 to 15 minutes before the start of each week planning out kid's outfits.



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    15-Minute Fixes: Laundry Rooms

    Odds & Ends

    Laundry rooms seem to be a haven for odds and ends. Set up a series of jars corralled inside a tray and use the jars to collect pocket finds, clothes pins, and mending supplies.



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    15-Minute Fixes: Offices and Workspaces

    The Trouble Zone

    What’s the one spot in your office or workspace that drives you stark raving mad? Zone in on that spot. If it’s your main desk drawer, grab a few drawer dividers or trays to organize all those little items that pile up. Or if paper is the problem, do as much sorting as you can in 10 to 15 minutes. Ready to commit more time to the paper pileup? Have a strategy in place before you start sorting so you know what to do with the papers once they’re organized.

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    15-Minute Fixes: Entryways

    Important Extras

    Employ mini cubbies near the door with important (but occasionally used) papers, such as gift certificates, coupons, and school forms, so that they are right there and easy to grab as you are walking out the door. 

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    15-Minute Fixes: Entryways

    Boots and Shoes

    Set out a tray for setting boots and shoes in, so water, dirt, and mud collect in the tray and not on your floor. You can buy trays designed for this purpose, but an old cookie sheet works well, too. (Look for one with higher sides.)



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