7 Ways to Organize Linen Closets for Easy Access to Essentials

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A linen closet or cabinet, shown here, is commonly used as a catchall for bath essentials, towels, bedsheets, and much more. With such variety in the items being stored, it's easy for this space to become overwhelmed and cluttered. Keep your linen closet or cabinet tidy by incorporating smart, stylish storage solutions. In the next slides, we'll show you how to use household items and dollar-store finds to improve your storage.

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Use Clear Storage Containers

linen closet storage containers

Clear glass vases are good containers for soaps, bath salts, cotton balls, and swabs. They not only look pretty, but they let you see at a glance when you need to restock. Here, we also filled a tall vase with clothespins for a quick solution to all your laundry needs. Foregoing container lids makes access to products even easier.

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Use Baskets to Bundle Sheets

linen closet basket storage

Stacking sheet sets in a basket means no more toppling piles, and changing the way you fold them can save space. Rolling towels is just as easy as folding them and takes up less space, plus it's an easy (and free) way to give your bathroom a bit of a spa look. Other baskets can hold small items such as cosmetics or first-aid supplies. Don't forget to add a label!

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Maximize Shelf Space

Storage Boxes

Use stacking boxes, bins, or baskets for storing small items such as hand towels or hair accessories. These containers maximize vertical space on a shelf and are easily portable. You can also fill these with common toiletries guests may forget to bring with them on their stay with you. Clearly label with the guest's name and they will feel right at home with everything they need.

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Reduce Chaos in a Cabinet

Linen closet toilet paper

Another good way to corral lots of little items, such as toiletries and bath items, is to arrange them on a tray. In a linen closet, you'll want a tray that's waterproof and wipeable. Here, we used a simple and stylish tray to hold extra rolls of toilet paper. This solution is much more pleasing than the plastic bag that comes with them.

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Toss and Go

Linen closet laundry basket

Let your laundry baskets do the work for you. Having two separate laundry baskets makes it easy to sort your clothes into darks and whites. Find a bin or basket that fits your design style and clearly label them for your convenience.

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Better Storage Up Top

linen closet basket storage

Many homeowners are lost when it comes to storage way up on the top shelf. Take advantage of that forgotten space by placing seasonal items or extra linens up top. You may want to knock out a shelf to make room for bins, too. Storage containers make your shelves look orderly and they prevent piles of towels from tumbling over when reaching for them.

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Have Fun with a Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl on bathroom shelf

Another glass storage option is a fishbowl, just a few dollars at a pet store. A fishbowl's round shape looks pretty on the shelf, and the wide mouth makes it easy to reach in. Consider filling one with bath salts and a small scoop to make spa-worthy baths available at any time.

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