12 Linen Closet Organization Ideas for Easy Access to Essentials

An accessible and aesthetically-pleasing linen closet is achievable thanks to these organization tips.

organized linen closet

John Granen

A linen closet or cabinet is commonly used as a catchall for bath essentials, towels, bedsheets, and much more. With such variety in the items being stored, it's easy for this space to become overwhelmed and cluttered. Keep your linen closet tidy by incorporating smart, stylish storage solutions. We'll show you how to use household items and dollar-store finds to improve linen closet storage.

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Assign a Task to Each Shelf

linen closet organized with bins and baskets
Lincoln Barbour

One of the first things to do when organizing a linen closet is to decide what each shelf should hold. Because the shelves are usually narrow or shallow, each one should house one category, or two if the category is small. For example, bulky pillows, sheets (like these Better Homes & Gardens 400 Thread Count Hygro Cotton Bed Sheet Set, $55, Walmart), and towels should be given their own shelf whereas tiny toiletries can be stored next to a few extra rolls of toilet paper. The most reached-for or replenished items are best stored at eye level; the rest can go high or low.

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Try the Bed-in-a-Bag Method

bedding stored in a pillowcase

Carson Downing

Tired of losing a single pillowcase or the matching top sheet to a set? Get into the habit of creating a “bed in a bag”. When a full set of sheets comes out of the laundry, fold everything except for one pillowcase into a rectangle and stack the sheets and other pillowcases on top of one another. Then, slide it all into the pillowcase you left out so that the whole set is together. This can lay flat on a shelf or in a basket with a label.

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Sort Using Baskets

Linen closet basket storage

Lincoln Barbour 

Laying everything flat on its assigned shelf is a recipe for clutter. Instead, try stacking sheet sets in a basket to avoid toppling piles. Rolling towels is just as easy as folding them and takes up less space, plus it's an easy (and free) way to give your bathroom a spa look. Use smaller bins to contain items such as skin care or first-aid supplies.

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Maximize Shelf Space

toiletry and towel storage in closet
Carson Downing

Use stacking boxes, bins, or baskets for storing small items such as hand towels or hair accessories. These containers maximize vertical space on a linen closet shelf and are easily portable. You can also fill these with common toiletries visitors might forget to bring with them on their stay with you. Clearly label each container so guests will feel right at home with everything they need.

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Use Clear Storage Containers

Linen closet storage containers

Lincoln Barbour 

Clear containers are an excellent linen closet storage option, especially for bath essentials such as soaps, cotton balls, and clothespins. They not only look pretty, but they also let you see at a glance what is in them and when you need to restock supplies. Fill a few clear jars with the things you use the most. Opt for a lid to keep out dust or keep it open if you want to reach in with ease.

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Line Up a Lazy Susan (or Two)

lazy Susan with cleaning products

Helen Norman

Often found in pantries or under sinks, a lazy Susan can also be the perfect addition to your linen closet. The best items to store on these round organizers are, you guessed it, round. This ensures you’re maximizing their storage potential. Use one or two in the linen closet to store sunscreen, bottles of hairspray and dry shampoo, and even toilet paper. Lazy Susans also prevent items from getting lost or having to make a mess to grab something in the back.

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Lay Down a Tray

Linen closet organized label
Kritsada Panichgul

Another good way to corral lots of little bath items is to arrange them within a tray or shallow basket. If you’re using one to hold anything liquid, look for a tray that's waterproof and wipeable. For things such as toilet paper or tissues, reuse whatever you find around the house, including trays made of galvanized metal, bamboo, or even wicker. This linen closet organization idea is much more pleasing than the plastic packaging that bath supplies typically come in.

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Install Pull-Out Drawers

Top of closet with supplies/paper towels
Cameron Sadeghpour

If your linen closet has deep shelves (about two feet or more), consider installing pull-out drawers as a well-worth-it solution. You can have them installed by a professional or save some money by DIYing this storage project. Now, instead of struggling to reach towards the back or finding baskets that are large enough (like this Better Homes & Gardens Adult Half-Size Fabric Cube Storage Bin, $6, Walmart) to fill expansive shelves, you can easily slide items out to you.

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Utilize Baskets for Laundry

Linen closet laundry baskets

Lincoln Barbour

Have significant empty space at the bottom of the linen closet? Slide in a couple of hampers (try a Better Homes & Garden Heavy-Gauge Wire Laundry Basket, $25, Walmart), whether it’s for your clothes or linens. Use two separate laundry baskets, or a solo one with separation, to make it easy to sort darks and whites or sheets and towels. Find a bin or basket that fits your design style and clearly label them for your convenience.

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Declutter Regularly

organized linen closet

John Granen

Organizing a linen closet starts with decluttering. At least once per season, go through everything in your linen closet to keep it up to date. Toss all expired beauty products and medications and donate linens you no longer need to your local animal shelter. Keeping on top of this goes a long way in maintaining your linen closet organization.

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Tuck Things Up Top

Linen closet baskets

Lincoln Barbour 

Take advantage of forgotten space at the top of your linen closet by placing seasonal items or linens up high. You might want to consider knocking out a shelf to make room for bulky baskets. Use ones with handles so you can easily pull them down when the seasons change.

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Have Fun with a Fish Bowl

Linen closet fishbowl

King Au

Repurposing containers is an eco-friendly way to get organized. For bath salts, you can use a fish bowl (cleaned and sterilized, please!) to store them. Since the wide mouth makes it easy to reach in, add a bamboo scoop for stress-free bath time. If you like the beachy aesthetic, fish bowls are just a few dollars at a pet store and are not only functional but also look pretty on a shelf.

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