Creative Ways to Declutter Drawers

Use our quick tricks and shortcuts for decluttering and organizing drawers in a purposeful way that will help keep the clutter away.

Drawer Inserts

When it comes to decluttering drawers, your best friend is a drawer organizer insert. The compartments and sections in these handy inserts are essential for corralling the little stuff. Even more important are the height and depth of the drawer organizer you choose. Oftentimes, drawer organizers only take up about half of the depth of drawer, leaving a lot of wasted space you could be using for storage. When shopping for drawer organizers, choose deeper models that are close to the exact depth or height of the inside of your drawer. This will allow you to make the most of your space and double your storage.

Wire Utensil Organizers

Whether you're organizing a kitchen, office, bathroom, or tool drawer, a standard wire metal utensil organizer is one of the best organizers you can use because of its depth. You can use a wire cutter to snip open sections to customize the organizer to fit your specific storage needs. And if you don't like the basic stainless-steel color, just add a quick coat of spray paint in a fun, bold color or chic metallic, like gold or bronze. You'll love how pretty and organized your drawers look!

Organize Within

Look closely at what you need to store, and consider smaller containers within the main organizer to customize your drawer. For example, if you're decluttering an office drawer, use smaller containers for paper clips, thumbtacks, and binder clips. If you can customize your drawer organizers to fit specific items, you'll not only maximize your drawer space but also create a definite home for every item, which makes it easier to find and put away those items.

Front and Center

In real estate, it's all about location. The same applies to your drawers. For quick and easy access, place the most-used items at the front and center of your drawer, and store the rarely used items in the back. If you organize your drawers based on how often you use certain items, you can reduce time spent searching.

Keep It Simple

When decluttering your most frequently used drawers—those in the kitchen, office, and bathroom—consider pulling out and relocating items you rarely or never use. Can you store those less frequently used items somewhere other than your busiest drawers? By using your drawers to contain only the items you use on a regular basis, you keep them free of miscellaneous items that can easily become disorganized.


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