Storage hooks can be used a multitude of ways, from basic things like hanging coats to more creative uses, like creating a window treatment.

People are often left scratching their heads as to where certain items should go, like the dog leash. It's not something you necessarily want hanging out in the open. That's where the storage hook comes in. Adhere a hook to the inside of cabinet door and hang the dog leash on the hook. The leash is out of sight, and you always know where to find it. Get the how-to here.

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Give Shower Items a Place to Call Home

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For a few bucks, the price of a shower/bath hook, your loofah will always have place to live. Putting hooks in the shower is a good idea if you can't hang a shower caddy on your showerhead or you share the shower with multiple people. Everybody can have their own hook to hang their color-assigned loofah so there's no mix-up.

Take Storage Hooks to the Next Level

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Do you have a window where a regular curtain rod won't work? Or maybe you're a renter? Then you have to check out this genius solution. Take two removable storage hooks, ones slightly more classy than your everyday hooks, and a dowel rod. You know what those things equal? An instant window treatment. Since the hooks are removable, you won't leave any traces behind of their existence if you're a renter. High-five for getting that security deposit back! Get the how-to here.

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Break the Rules

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Who says you have to use certain hooks in certain areas of your home? It's perfectly acceptable to use coatrack hooks as towel hooks in your bathroom. You can also use them to hang other things like lightweight toiletry or makeup bags, robes, or even your clothes to wear when you exit the shower so you keep them off the floor. Get the how-to here.

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