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Storage doesn't need to be hidden. Show off your storage style with these creative displays that are both eye-catching and functional.

Loaded with Storage

Fuse form and function by deciding what items to display and what to tuck away. Here, a collection of books is artfully arranged on the shelves of this built-in, while the cabinet is used to store necessary but not display-worthy gaming gear, DVDs, and board games.

Kitchen Bookcase Storage

For an unexpected twist, add a bookcase in the kitchen. Store cookbooks on lower shelves for easy access and display colored serving pieces and dishes on the other shelves. Drawers along the bottom store utensils and linens.

Glass-Front Cabinet Storage

Get the look of built-ins using freestanding bookshelves. Here, a glass-front cabinet displays valuables. Mixing books, vases, and bowls makes for an eye-catching display.

Creative Storage

Transform a worktable (that tends to get cluttered with piles) into a functional work space that facilitates creativity. Large baskets hold books, magazines, and bulky supplies. A smaller shelving unit atop the table houses several smaller baskets for paper and writing utensils. A magnetic strip along the side of the cabinet holds scissors and paper punches.

Double-Duty Storage

Make storage solutions work overtime by using them as a room divider. Here, a large built-in separates the kitchen and living room and stores everything from games and throw blankets to a TV. Open shelving on top and bottom of the piece provides plenty of decorative display space.

Wooden Crate Storage

Turn wooden crates into unique kitchen storage by adding drawer pulls, which makes it easier to pull the crates out from the shelves. The crates and metal countertops work together for a vintage, industrial vibe.

Display and Store Headboard

This large built-in bookcase functions as a headboard and is perfect for displaying pictures and books. The shelves are roomy enough to store large bins that hold everything from extra blankets to magazines. A sconce with an adjustable arm attached to the bookcase provides light for reading in bed.

Eye-Catching Shelves

Paint the inside of a bookcase or cabinets a bright color to make pottery or other collectibles pop. The dusty orange wall behind the crisp white pieces creates a bold style statement. The varying shelf heights provide room to show off large bowls, vases, and artful objects.

Bookshelf Storage

For an avid reader, finding enough storage space for books can be a challenge. But books can be displayed as artwork. Here, stacked, rather than upright, books serve as pedestals and artsy backdrops for a few decorative pieces . Drawers beneath the open shelves provide storage for less display-worthy items.

Pretty Kitchen Storage

Armoires aren't just for living rooms and bedrooms anymore. This armoire has been transformed into a handy kitchen organizer perfect for displaying pretty dishware and accessories. The piece was painted a neutral color to provide a blank canvas for different colored and patterned dishes to shine.

Artful Armoire

Turn storage into an artful arrangement in a glass-front armoire. Two shelves inside this piece provide plenty of space to show off beautiful vases and bowls. Four taller pieces of pottery placed on top of the armoire add a splash of color and draw the eye up, emphasizing the room¿s soaring ceilings.

Chic Kitchen Cabinets

Open shelves and cabinet interiors painted a soft shade of blue add a hint of color to an all-white kitchen. The shelves provide the perfect spot to display collectibles and dishware. Frosted glass-front cabinets create an open look while slightly obscuring their contents.

Built-In Storage

Add some unexpected display space to your dining area with a built-in. Ideal for housing pictures and small knickknacks, a pair of built-in storage shelves create clever bookends for a sunny window seat.

Tucked Away Storage

A small built-in bookshelf tucked away in a corner provides some subtle storage without stealing attention from the room's beautiful decor. The lower shelves are perfect for displaying books and pictures while the upper shelves hold baskets and bins for smaller items.

Kids' Room Storage

Take advantage of a recessed wall by turning it into a bookshelf. Keeping your little one¿s favorite toys and books on the lower shelves means cleanup after playtime is a snap. A splash of hot pink painted behind just one shelf keeps the structure looking fun..

Media Center Organization

The wall that bridges both the kitchen and family room in this home begged for some sort of functionality, A unique c-shape wall unit created a cool media center in a snap. The open space in the center houses a wall-mounted TV; shelving provides space for paintings, pottery, and books; and the built-in wine rack adds visual interest.

Dining Room Storage

If cabinet space is at a premium in your kitchen, consider storing your dishware and glasses in an armoire. The glass-front cabinet is a handy place to store dishes you use on a daily basis. The lower cabinets are great for stowing away pots and pans and the drawers can house table linens and silverware.

Playroom Organization

Keep your playroom neat and tidy with a large built-in structure. The lower shelves and cabinets store books, toys, and games, while the upper portion houses items that need parental supervision. Leave some desk space in between the shelves so your little ones have plenty of room to get creative.

Bathroom Storage

Combine two pieces of furniture into one fabulous bathroom dressing table. A glass-front cabinet placed on top of a refurbished desk keeps bathroom essentials within reach. Store towels and washcloths on the top two shelves and soaps on the bottom shelf. The desk drawers store makeup and hair accessories.

Home Office Organization

Keep your desk area clutter-free by installing several large shelves above it. The shelves work great for housing books and magazines. Two metal filing cabinets below the desk store important documents and keep them close at hand.

Toy Storage

No toy chest? No problem. A shelving unit like this one stores toys and games within easy reach for kids. As a safety measure, anchor the shelves to the wall for stability. Keep the mess in check by using labeled bins and baskets to make cleanup a breeze.

Closet Storage

Display your shoes and keep them dust-free in clear-front cabinetry. The shelf and door combo keeps shoes and accessories organized and makes it easy to see everything when you're getting ready.

Jewelry Organization

Get creative with your jewelry. Trim a metal radiator cover or wire screen to fit inside a frame and stand it at the back of the dresser. Hang earrings from it and use small S-hooks for other items. Then head to the kitchen aisle and pick up a three-tiered serving stand to sort necklaces and pins and a paper towel holder to stack bangles.

Bathroom Storage

A metal cart on wheels keeps bathtime essentials within reach. Store towels and oils on the top shelf and scrubbing supplies on the bottom. Wheel it to the tub when it's time for a bath and wheel it away when you're done.

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