Binder clips aren't just for office supplies. Put them to use with these three genius solutions.

We all get frustrated by little things in life. And while binder clips may not fix your broken coffee maker or wash the dishes for you, they can surprisingly make many tasks easier. From toothpaste tubes that come unrolled to yarn that keeps getting tangled, binder clips are the perfect solution. Try these easy tricks to make life go smoother. Then, check out more of our life hacks that'll help you clean up your garage, save space on your phone, and beyond!

Hack 1: Rolled Toothpaste Tube

Do you ever get annoyed that the tube of toothpaste won't stay rolled up? Simply roll the empty end up and use a binder clip to secure! No more wasted time or toothpaste. Each time you use a little more toothpaste, you can roll the tube tighter and clip.

Hack 2: Phone Stand

Make a stand for your phone using binder clips. This hack uses two binder clips, a small one and a large one, to create a DIY entertainment system. Fold the ends of the large clip back. Keep the smaller clip's ends together. Tilt the base of the smaller clip upwards. Clip the larger binder clip onto the smaller clip's ends. Then, rest your phone between the two clips. Now you can watch videos on your phone hands-free!

Hack 3: Tangle-Free Knitting

If your yarn always gets tangled while you're working on a knitting project, this hack's for you. You can easily prevent your knitting materials from getting tangled. Simply attach a binder clip to the side of your yarn container, then run the yarn through the metal ends. Now you can knit with ease!

More Hacks You Need to Know

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