Behind-the-Door Storage Ideas

Back of door storage
When it comes to maxing out storage, every square inch counts. But you don't have to build in a fancy closet or buy lots of high-end accessories to organize and store more in your home. Here's how to use the ordinary backs of closet doors and off-the-shelf add-ons to create newfound organizing options.

Add More Kitchen Pantry Storage

Keeping your food and kitchen staples organized can feel like a never-ending task, especially in space-challenged kitchens. Here, the back of a pantry door becomes a hardworking spot for oft-used items, thanks to readily available closet supplies. A tall, adjustable shelf rod holds wire baskets of varying size. Before you hang anything, make sure you have enough clearance inside the closet to close the door.

Divide and Label Baskets

One of the easiest ways to prevent a small storage space from getting jumbled is to clearly divide storage by function. Pretty and functional, labels are a great way to do that. Here, patterned paper with printed-on words loops around the wires in the basket; it’s secured with a plastic grommet.

Use Open Storage

Office supply stores are a treasure trove of mostly inexpensive storage items that help to keep things collated, vertical, horizontal, or divided. These clear plastic display caddies hold a collection of reusable paper bags; attach the caddy to the back of the door with a very slim screw or adhesive tacks.

Create Flexibility

Before purchasing anything for your closet door, measure your clearance not only on the door's closure but on the top doorjamb and the bottom between door and floor as well. This slim-lined adjustable rod has just enough space to allow the main bracket to be secured to the door's top. Sturdy hooks help secure baskets and allow for flexibility should storage needs change.

Add Hidden Craft Storage

Crafting supplies are oftentimes relegated to a bottom drawer or an unattractive storage container. But the back of a coat or storage closet door can provide a bright and easily accessible spot to store items such as notebooks and wrapping paper. Here, a small pegboard holds scissors and other storage containers, with hooks for a tote and slots for envelopes, too.

Try Clear Holders

Like for pantry supplies, clear file folder holders are drafted into use as bins for colorful notebooks. To keep supplies separated, label baskets, bins, and other organizational tools with labels.

Repurpose Other Items as Storage

Awkward and sometimes unwieldy, wrapping paper is nonetheless an oft-used, practical item to have on hand. But how to store those tall, slender rolls? This clever solution makes use of an ordinary trash can and colorful elastic hair bands. Attach the trashcan using hooks or heavy-duty adhesive. To hold the rolls in place, cut the hair bands apart and crisscross them, securing the ends of the bands with colorful pushpins.

Keep Essentials Easy to Reach

Hardware and home improvement stores are also great sources for clever shapes and extras that easily transform to different uses. Here, a simple toilet paper holder, turned on its side, works to hold pretty and useful rolls of patterned tape. A nearby dry-erase board provides a convenient spot for lists, reminders, and to-dos.

Add Extra Clothes Storage

Carving out more hardworking space for clothes is probably on the wish-lists of most homeowners. Even an ordinary space that allows you to display oft-used items as well as the next day's wardrobe can be a time-saving addition. Here, a few extras and an hour or two of installation time transform the back of a closet door into wardrobe planning central. An over-the-door hook offers a spot for hanging a complete outfit.

Get Creative with Storage

Small strips of cork are a cute and clever way to hold both the practical and the ephemeral. Here, pretty pushpins display earrings and wardrobe inspiration. Simply attach the cork strips with strong adhesive pieces or strips.

Keep Favorites Close at Hand

Daily-used cosmetics get an easy-to-reach spot with this inexpensive clear plastic container that’s attached to the back of the closet door. An item like this is also a good spot for makeup brushes or barrettes. 

Include Plenty of Day-to-Day Storage

With multiple hooks, this slender plastic hanging piece offers plenty of spots for bangles and necklaces. Use thin screws to attach the piece to the door back and place it high enough from the floor to keep jewelry from dragging.

Maximize Flexibility

Modular storage units -- here, a hanging bar with hooks of various size and function -- offer a spot for a quick drop-and-organize element on the back of this closet door.

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