This Battery Organizer with 8,200 Perfect Amazon Ratings Has a Special Feature Shoppers Love

You’ll never have to wonder if your battery still has life in it again.

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We might not like to admit it, but junk drawers are an unfortunate necessity. They're a place where odds and ends (think birthday candles, permanent markers, packets of soy sauce, and random batteries) gather until needed. While most of these items will (and should) stay in the depths of your junk drawer, the batteries that power your devices deserve better.

More than 8,200 five-star ratings by Amazon shoppers suggest The Battery Organizer Storage Case as a solution. Made of strong, durable plastic, the organizer keeps up to 93 batteries in a flat position, making it easy to store and out of the way. It has a clear cover, so you can see the different types of batteries stored inside without needing to open it up. The case also includes a removable battery tester—which doesn't require a battery itself—to tell you if the loose batteries you have laying around still have juice left in them.

The Battery Organizer Storage Case with Hinged Clear Cover
Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: The Battery Organizer Storage Case ($18, Amazon)

To check your batteries, simply place the battery on the tester, aligning the positive and negative symbols. The small screen then clearly and accurately shows if the battery needs to be recycled or if it still has some life to it. The only downside to the battery organizer, it seems, is that some reviewers point out that there isn't a latch on the lid, meaning it could lead to spilled batteries if dropped.

Otherwise, shoppers say the case has made such an impact on their tidying skills that it's the "best organizer ever." Plus, it's less than $20.

"Best decision ever to buy this," the same shopper writes. "No more guessing if a battery is good or bad. No digging through the junk drawer for that battery you need. Stock up [on batteries] and always be able to easily see and make sure you have the batteries you need!" Get your batteries in order for only $18 and order The Battery Organizer Storage Case from Amazon today.

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