The dollar store is the perfect place to find everything you need for home decor and storage DIYs.

By Hannah Bruneman

Home decorating has never been so frugal... or fun! For quick, cheap storage and decor deals, the dollar store is always our No. 1 go-to. Though your items may look tacky at first, it doesn't take much work to get them a makeover. In fact, most of your guests will hardly believe your dollar store finds are really from the dollar store! Nor will they believe how much money you saved. For our favorite dollar store hacks, check out our list below:

1. Buckets of Fun

Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry

Every dollar store has a wall stacked to the top with the same plastic storage bins. The problem? Flimsy plastic and primary colors are better suited for an elementary school classroom. Give these bins a much-needed upgrade with metallic spray paint and chalkboard tags.

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2. Tiered Snacks for Chic Chomping

Diana Rambles

The last thing on your mind when you're hosting a party is the chip bowl. In the midst of preparing the perfect snack spread, you'll realize that your dip has nowhere stylish to sit! A simple fix is to put a martini glass in a snack bowl. The chips are stored down below while your homemade guacamole is gorgeously displayed in the glass above.

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3. Dip-Dyed Mugs

The Sweetest Occasion

Coffee mugs and nail polish aren't just for a girl's night in. Combine the two for an adorable, personalized design on cheap dollar store mugs! This DIY project is easier than it sounds and looks even better than over-priced ceramics.

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4. Frozen Sponges Make the Cool(est) Mom

The Kitchn

As a mother, you know you can never have too many ice packs. You also know how easily these things go missing! Soothe a sore wound or keep a lunch box cool with this dollar store solution. Wet and freeze cheap sponges for a solution that will stay cool throughout the day.

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5. Clever & Stylish Crate-Wall Storage

Acute Designs

Rustic charm can be surprisingly pricey... unless you know the right places to shop. These crate shelves started their lives in a dollar store as storage solutions without a purpose. Attaching them to the walls gave these crates the function we needed.

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6. Cords Corral for Organized Mornings

Dream Green DIY

Add this smart dollar store hack to your morning routine. Clunky hair dryers, straighteners, curlers, and more fit nicely in a dollar store wire basket. Attach to a cabinet side for unsightly cords to disappear.

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7. Over-the-Door Shoe Rack Ins't Just for Shoes

The 36th Avenue

Over-the-door shoe racks serve a lot more purpose than what meets the eye. With strong pockets, this useful tool is the answer to your cleaning closet needs.

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8. Shower Caddy Turned Snack Caddy

Shower caddies aren't just for college students. Use this versatile dollar store find in the car on long road trips. With multiple compartments, it's perfect for a spill-free dinner on the go.

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9. DIY Chic Pebble Trivet

Kasey Trenum

We would have never guessed this gorgeous trivet is made with materials from the dollar store. Pebbles turn a boring circle of cork or felt into a stylish trivet you can make as a gift or keep for yourself.

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