Go beyond hanging up coats and get even more uses out of adhesive hooks with these clever ideas.

By Hannah Bruneman

We wonder what we did in the years before adhesive hooks. These handy tools are our best friend when hanging up new artwork, seasonal decorations, or creating temporary coat hooks. But did you know that you can use adhesive hooks, clips, and strips to solve common household problems? A little creativity and ingenuity are all it takes to put these handy hooks to work! Here are our three favorite uses for adhesive hooks around the home.

1. Prevent Tangled Cords

Streamline cords and cables in your home office for a tangle-free way to stay plugged in. Sticking the hooks in an inconspicuous place keeps the clutter-prone cords out of sight and off your desk.

2. Hang Office Supplies

Use a pair of adhesive hooks to balance a small dowel rod for an easy storage bar. We love having this in our craft room—it is the best place to store ribbon, tape, and scissors! With everything out in plain sight, we always know where our craft supplies are.

4. Declutter Your Kitchen

Free up valuable kitchen drawer space by storing aluminum foil and cling plastic wrap on the sides of your countertops. Position adhesive hooks sideways so they hold the boxes in place. We love how easy it is to access our aluminum foil this way!

We are definitely going to stock up on more adhesive hooks!



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