The space under a bed has traditionally been deemed a place where we shove all the things we don't want anyone to know about, yet the potential for storage square footage really shouldn't be ignored! Here are 10 things you can be proud to tuck away in the dead space under your mattress.

By Carrie Waller
August 20, 2018

Image via: Dream Green DIY

1. Extra linens No linen closet? No problem! Just fold (or roll up) your extra sheets, pillowcases, throw blankets, and quilts, and then slip them under your bed frame to be pulled out as needed.

2. Wrapping supplies If closet and drawer space is at a premium in your home, the last thing you want to be wrestling with is a collection of cumbersome wrapping paper tubes, ribbon rolls, and tape dispensers. Instead, pack everything into a container, and slide it under the bed. This low and long space is perfect for these types of oddly shaped and easily misplaced supplies.

3. Seasonal clothing It probably goes without saying, but your under-the-bed area is ideal for housing off-season clothing. When fall descends, pack away all of your bathing suits, shorts, and tank tops, and slip the box under your bed. In the spring, reverse the process with your sweaters, boots, and heavy wool pants.

4. Extra art If your love for fine art has turned your home into a certifiable museum, try picking and choosing your favorite of-the-moment pieces to leave hanging, then stack the extras neatly and slip them under the bed. When your artistic mood changes, you can "shop" the collection under your bed rather than running to the store for new pieces.

5. Crafts materials Although in theory you can put practically anything you want in storage containers marketed for underbed use, perhaps nothing is better suited to this type of organization than crafts supplies. These typically small, odd-shape materials are easier to rifle through and pick out when spread evenly across long and low plastic bins, and the best news is the entire collection can be pushed right back under the bed once you've found what you need.

6. Books Bookworms, rejoice! The next time someone lovingly suggests that you whittle down your collection of beloved tomes, just stash a stack or two under the bed until you're ready to crack a particular title again.

7. Presents and gift boxes Reduce the risk of blowing your gift-giving cover by tucking to-be-wrapped presents in opaque boxes or baskets under the bed. Your kids and significant other will be none the wiser that their special something is right there waiting to be handed over with a flourish come party time.

8. Extra shelves Picture ledges and open shelves usually feature long and thin silhouettes, making them less than ideal for balancing against a wall in your closet but perfect for underbed storage. Simply slip them into the space under your bed frame when not in use on your wall. They'll be well out of the way until you find the perfect new spot to reinstall them.

9. Overflow beauty products So you happened to catch a great sale on shampoo and conditioner at the store -- bravo! Now ... where to store the stuff? Rather than letting these types of overflow beauty products and toiletries take up precious space in your linen closet or bathroom vanity, place them in a low plastic container or leftover cardboard box, then push them under the bed until you need to resupply.

10. Holiday decorations Wrestling with last month's Thanksgiving linens or Christmas lights is no fun, and finding a place to store them is even less of a treat. If the garage, basement, or shed isn't an option, consider tucking the smaller things away under the bed in boxes or wrapped in a clean canvas cloth until next year.


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