This multifunctional IKEA cart can store just about everything for garden, kitchen, and other home needs. How will you put it to use?

By Hannah Bruneman
June 21, 2017
laundry cart

It's not often that we come across a product with as much versatility as the RASKOG cart from IKEA. This affordable storage solution might seem average, but its sleek design and functionality are what make it perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and porches alike. Take a look at these creative uses for the RASKOG cart, and get ready to plan your next trip to IKEA.

Garden Plans

Rolling Cart Succulent Planter

We can't get enough of the succulent trend! Turn your cart into the ultimate indoor garden by filling the top shelf with soil, moss, and your favorite plants. Use bottom compartments to hold gardening supplies or extra succulents. Roll the cart to the window for a little extra sunshine if your plants look dreary. Learn how to make your own garden cart from Succulents and Sunshine.

Be Our Guest

Use the RASKOG cart as a welcome station for your guest room. Stock the bottom compartment with extra linens, the middle with toiletries that guests might have forgotten to pack, and the top with a houseplant to liven up the lesser-used room. You can bet your guests will ask to visit again soon! See more from A Beautiful Mess.

Chef's Assistant

This versatile cart acts as a mobile pantry—perfect for apartment-size or other small kitchen spaces. Stock yours with fresh fruit, and the kids will have easy access to a healthy snack. Or make a baking cart with all the essentials for when a cupcake craving hits. See more kitchen inspiration from IKEA.

Bedside Manners

Most bedside tables are an unsightly drop zone for books, trinkets, and chargers. Keep your bedroom clutter-free with this clever nightstand substitute from Homey Oh My. Make use of the cart's three levels to sort items by necessity. Keep an alarm clock up top, nighttime reads in the middle, and an extra blanket down below for temperature-dipping nights.

Lifted Spirits

Don't be afraid to add a touch of industrial style to your living room with the RASKOG cart. This simple storage unit, turned into a sleek gray bar cart, is now the life of the party. Stock the cart with your favorite spirits, mixers, and cocktail essentials to turn every gathering into a memorable night. See more from Chez Larsson.

Baby Blues

All parents know the struggle of changing a diaper. Make it easier by turning your handy IKEA cart into a movable changing station, like this one featured on Apartment Therapy. This changing table must-have keeps everything within reach and will make your life a little less hectic while you're counting down the minutes until nap time.

Cleaning Cart

laundry cart

Undersink cabinets are notorious clutter zones. Make your cleaning supplies more accessible by storing them on this multiuse IKEA cart. If you have young children at home, take precautions and don't store toxic cleaners on the cart. See more cleaning supply storage here. 

Working Hard

Whether your office space has a computer or a sketch pad, the RASKOG cart is right for you. In this creative space, the cart holds art supplies so they don't get lost in an unorganized desk drawer. For a more traditional space, use the cart to hold notebooks, stationery, or even a midafternoon snack stash.

Little Library

Admittedly, we don't all have the space or the budget for a personal library. Make do with this creative mobile library from His Sugarplum. Fill the compartments with your family's favorite reads and a cozy blanket to curl up with. If you have a tyke crawling around the house, keep coloring books or picture books within reach on the bottom shelf!


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