Small Entryway Storage Ideas to Meet All Your Drop Zone Needs

Make the most of your home's entrance with these clever storage ideas for small entryways.

Meeting your storage needs in a small entryway can be challenging, especially if your home lacks a traditional mudroom or dedicated foyer. The area around your main entrance needs to function as a drop zone for purses, coats, keys, and other everyday items when you walk in and out the door, while also providing a spot for storing lesser-used items like sporting goods and out-of-season accessories. To turn a small entryway into a hardworking storage space that accomplishes all of these tasks—and looks good doing it—you'll need to bring in smart solutions like baskets, benches, cubbies, and shelving units. These small entryway storage ideas will boost function, save space, and make the most of your front door area.

Entryway with bench and hanger
Edmund Barr

Create a One-Wall Solution

While it may be hard to believe, one empty wall is all you need to create an effective storage area in a small entryway. Bring in a bench to provide a spot to sit and kick off shoes, then add a basket underneath to corral smaller footwear like sneakers and sandals (taller boots can stand on their own off to the side). Mount a set of sturdy wall hooks above the bench to hold jackets, bags, and hats.

Entryway with hexagonal mirrors and hooks
Goode Girl Media LLC

Extend a Small Entry

If space right around your front door is tight, extend your entryway storage around the corner where there's more room. You'll only have to take a few extra steps to drop off your purse or coat after you walk in the door, and you'll have more room to create a dedicated display of hooks, shelves, and mirrors that function both as storage and decor.

Organized closet by entryway
Marty Baldwin

Rethink an Entryway Closet

Turn a coat closet into a mini mudroom with a few creative updates. Add-ons like racks, storage bins, and wall-mounted metal baskets are all a great way to boost function in this small entryway storage solution. The end result neatly houses everything you need to head out the door and brings in your personal style, thanks to the addition of fun wallpaper or an accent rug.

Entryway with blue table, baskets, and wall hanging
Cameron Sadeghpour

Corral Items in Bins

Gather loose items inside baskets or bins by the door—you can even add an additional layer of organization by designating a specific season, person, or category to each basket. For example, winter gear (think: stash scarves, mittens, and hats) in one basket, while keeping flip-flops, sunscreen, and pool toys in another. Place only the in-season items in the entryway, and stash the rest elsewhere for later use. Pro tip: Amp up the style factor by choosing a pretty wicker or woven basket.

Table with red chairs and food
Helen Norman

Create a Double-Duty Area

If your front door opens into the kitchen, create a hybrid area designed for both meal prep and entryway storage. Here, a simple cart holds cooking supplies, while artwork adds personality and seating increases the area's functionality. An oversized hook behind the door holds coats and tote bags.

Entryway with blue door and yellow walls
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Combine Seating and Storage

For the ultimate space-saving efficiency, design an entryway that combines both storage and seating with a few hybrid products. Opt for a set of storage ottomans with upholstered lids, which provide a comfy place to perch for taking off shoes and conceal much-needed storage within. For maximum function in your small entryway, make your ottoman mobile by attaching casters to the legs.

Hallway with drawer, vases, and mirror
Dustin Peck

Feature Vintage Furniture

Traditional furniture pieces, like this armoire, can make handy additions to a small entryway. Look for vintage finds at flea markets and thrift stores, taking care to find a piece that fits your storage and size needs. Petite dressers can be especially useful, as they often include deep drawers for large items or plenty of compartments for keys, writing utensils, and spare change.

Blue wall with cubbies and items hanging on wall
Linda R Pugliese

Add Convenience with Cubbies

Try a freestanding cubby unit to add instant storage to your small entryway. Look for a narrow unit that doesn't extend too far into the traffic flow or consider adding floating box shelves for more space. Jazz up the look by painting the back of each cubby a different color.

Entryway with blue door and cubbies
Greg Scheidemann

Incorporate Beautiful Built-Ins

If you're planning an entryway remodel, consider adding built-in cabinets. Partitioned spaces ensure everyone's outerwear, sports equipment, toys, and other items get dropped in the right place. Upper and lower cabinets take advantage of both floor and ceiling storage space and are an ideal place to store out-of-season equipment or items you don't use every day.

Corner of stairs with sports décor
Werner Straube

Add Rustic Baskets

Looking for a spot to stash sporting goods? A rustic wire basket ($4, World Market) holds a surprising amount of stuff. Plus, its open design makes it easy to spot what you need, meaning you can spend more time playing and less time looking. Tuck the basket under a slim console table to save space in a small entryway.

Entryway with small couch and striped rug
Jason Donnelly

Furnish Your Entry with Flair

Thrifted furniture or a treasured family heirloom are sometimes all it takes to make a statement in a small entryway. A colorful upholstered bench, for example, can double as both seating and storage. Look for a piece that fits in with the rest of your home's style and you'll be able to seamlessly marry form and function in your small space.

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