Make the Most of Your Mudroom and Entryway

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Turn an under-utilized entry area into a super-functional mudroom with these ideas for efficient storage and organization.

Simple Setup

Using all components of a mudroom, this setup assigns space to everything you need in a drop-off and pickup spot. Shoes shuffle into floor-level compartments, and small items take their place in cabinet drawers. Wall hooks make places to hang coats and bulkier items, and the overhead compartments give homes to any stray belongings, such as mittens and hats in winter, and sunscreen and sunglasses in summer.

Even the smallest of entryways can be organized. Here's how to pack in storage for your on-the-go and out-the-door needs.

Maximize Space

Even a small entryway or mudroom can be packed with function. See how this small-space uses the right mix of furniture and storage accessories to maintain order and combat clutter.

Cabinet Solution

Tall cabinets make the most of this hall space inside a back door, which opens into a kitchen and breakfast nook. Inside the cabinets, there's plenty of space for kids to stash coats and scarves. The cabinet door neatly conceals everything from sight.

Take a Seat

A place to sit while putting on or taking off shoes is a smart addition to an entryway. This two-person bench is easy to incorporate, and the area beneath the bench is perfect for stashing footwear.

By the Back Door

A built-in bench such as this one offers two-for-one flexibility as a place to sit and a place to store shoes. Overhead, cupboards keep pool towels, sunscreen, and other backyard necessities on hand but out of sight. Instead of taking the cabinets all the way to the floor, the homeowners opted to leave a cozy cubby beneath one cabinet, a perfect fit for a dog bed.

Small-Space Mudroom

Use a minimal amount of space to the maximum with a few simple solutions. Wall hooks organize bags and jackets while a boot tray on the floor keeps mud and snow off the floor. A bench offers seating for putting on boots or as a spot to place items to grab as you walk out the door.

Open Storage

Open nooks and shelves give instant access to whatever is stored in a mudroom. Large baskets are great for containing a number of small items -- sports equipment, school supplies, or winter gear.

Be a Good Sport

Teeming with sports gear, this mudroom's goal is to simplify life for an active family. A bench under the window gives youngsters a place to plant themselves while suiting up for activities. In addition to the open lockers, wicker baskets hold equipment and can be tucked into locker niches.

Neatly Spaced

With room for every member of the family, this mudroom spreads function and style along an entire wall. The cupboards along the back wall keep clutter to a minimum. Half-wall shelving units in front of the nook define the mudroom area and also act as a barrier between clutter and the adjacent spaces.

Pegged Storage

This small entry makes the most of limited space with a few smart solutions. Using wall pegs is a way to organize outerwear, and a folding stool adds the functionality of a bench but can be tucked away when not in use.

A Zone for Everyone

Individual cubbies, drawers, and boot areas help kids zone in on their own clothes and equipment, making life easier for Mom. The sturdy shelf can hold heavy backpacks as well as offer a place to sit and sort through mail or homework.

One for Each

Busy families will appreciate this mudroom design with one section of stackable crates for each child. Shelves up top allow storage space for items that are rarely used. Pegs offer the perfect places to hang jackets, shopping totes, and purses.

Space Saver

You don't need to take up an entire room to reap a mudroom's benefits. A sliver of space will do just fine. Located by the front door, this storage arrangement keeps often-used items handy.

Cubbies for Kids

Even a narrow hallway can accommodate an area for shelves, which takes advantage of unused wall space. Here, a wall lined with cubbies creates a handy storage area for book bags, shoes, coats, and sports equipment.

Make Room for Sports

Here's a smart solution for busy families. With space for equipment, jackets, and backpacks, this makeshift mudroom at the bottom of the stairs works as a storage area, locker room, sports center, and getting-ready area.

Basket Solutions

One great trick for clutter: Hide it inside shelf-size baskets. This arrangement gives you the option of removing a basket for sorting yet keeps gear out of view.

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