Create an Easy Entryway Organizer

Keep your entryway organized with an all-in-one command center, fashioned from an old buffet.

With some new paint and hardware and a few modifications, a dining room buffet now serves up entryway organization. If you don't have a piece to repurpose, scope out thrift stores and garage sales. Look for a piece that is sturdy and has a combination of shelves, drawers, cubbies, and cabinets. 

A Spot for Everything

Outfit the buffet with different organizers, such as magnetic key holders. Mount the holders inside the door with double-sided tape. Tack a small metal mail holder to the door to hold outgoing mail and stamps. Place a shredder in one of the cabinets (drill a hole in the back to feed the cord through) and you'll have a close-at-hand tool for shredding receipts and documents as you're sorting through mail and other paperwork.

Composed Cubbies

If your buffet sports wine cubbies, label each one for a different purpose, assigning a cube to each family member or different tasks. Use labels or rub-on letters to mark each cubby. 

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Organizers for Cabinets

Place stackable drawers or bins inside the buffet cabinets and label according to your entryway needs. With extra bins and drawers, you can maximize space efficiently. Labeled bins give family members an additional spot for stuff that might not fit in their cubbies. These bins are actually made for storing shoes, but they work just as well for housing school papers and library books. Make sure to measure your cabinets before purchasing anything to ensure what you're buying will fit in the cabinet.

Drawer Organizers

Ensure drawers don't sway into disorganized territory with trays. Use the trays to keep out-the-door essentials such as pocket change, lip balm, and tissues at the ready. Create a charging station inside another drawer. Place a charging pad inside the drawer and drill a hole in the back for the plug to feed through.

Tray Topper

Place a pretty tray atop the buffet as a landing spot for incoming items, such as the day's mail or paper, where they can wait for processing and their final destination. 

Day-to-Day Organizer

Keep a handle on the day's activities as you are making your way out the door with a wall calendar. Hang it inside a frame with the glass removed to give this organizing essential a less utilitarian look. Add in a mirror so you can always do a final check on the way out the door.

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