Storage Solutions for Your Mudroom

Hats, coats, backpacks, shoes, umbrellas, pet gear: There's a lot that happens in your mudroom, and organization can quickly get away from you. Fortunately, a few clever ideas help you to take advantage of every square inch and keep your mudroom necessities stored in good order.

Establish a Mudrooom Zone

Even homes with grand entries sometimes find themselves challenged by the lack of front or back door space to store daily necessities. A few options can help. Here, a slim drawer underneath a bench offers a spot to stash seasonal items. With no room for individual shoe storage, boots and other foot gear sit close by; place them in a tray to catch loose moisture and dirt.

Use Baskets for Outdoor Items

It makes sense to have some items close at hand for out-of-house comings and goings. A shelf above coat storage in this mudroom has space for containers with various items such as sunscreen, bandages, and more. Keep similar items, such as bug spray, together and label the containers (adhesive or tied-on tags work well).

Tuck Shoes Out of the Way

Although it's handy to have all mudroom storage together, sometimes it's not feasible. Instead, carve out nooks and crannies where you can. In this home, a small recessed area offers a just-right spot for multiple shoe shelves. Bonus: It's hidden in a corner, keeping it out of sight.

Sliding shelves are a useful tool in mudrooms, too, helping to streamline access to items. Choose heavy-duty, easy-to-clean surfaces in a mudroom, particularly for the floor, that rely on color and texture to mask any messes or daily dirt.

Use Extra Storage for Essentials

Some mudrooms are hidden and expansive enough to store more than just coats and shoes. This space offers roomy shelves for cleaning supplies and other items such as thermoses. For peculiarly shaped items that may not easily stay grouped -- toilet paper, for example -- use decorative baskets (lidded or not) to keep them in order.


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