Fix those tiny flaws in your home for good! Usually unnoticed by guests, household eyesores start small but can quickly consume the mind of the homeowner. Here are a few common household eyesores and tips on how to conquer them.

By Bri Levandowski
window decor

Although radiators provide industrial appeal while warming your home, if your aesthetic is more streamlined or sophisticated, the immovable metal contraption can hinder more than help. Rather than installing a new home heating system, create a stylish radiator box cover. Not only will it help pull together the room's style but it also doubles as a buffet or small table for home decor.

Doggie Dishes

dog bowl storage

Never accidentally step in dog bowl water spills again! Giving your pooch his or her own corner of the kitchen is the usual standard for mealtime, but bowls often get pushed or tipped over. A built-in food center in a kitchen island is a genius way to keep food where it belongs and your canine close. Matching your pup's "countertop" to the island counter is a classy way to integrate the look.

Hidden Basket

hamper storage

Having dirty laundry is no crime, but baskets at the foot of your bed or on the floor of the laundry room can be a hassle to get around or even a hazard! Bedroom and laundry room built-ins can hold hampers and hide them away when not in use. This custom built-in holds a basic laundry basket, which can be lifted out when full.

Cable Corral

Charging station

Does anything disrupt the look and flow of a space more than exposed cords and cables? To keep your electronics charged and your home decor happy, use a stylish box to group cables. Create a faux bottom to pull the attachments through, and feed the cords through a hole on the back side to an outlet or power strip.

Litter Box, Where?

pet door

This disguise helps with the unappealing visual and scent of a litterbox, one of the more unsightly items in a home. Placing a cat box in a spare closet, an empty cupboard, or the space under the stairs is a great choice, and cutting a stylish, pet-size hole in the door keeps guests from seeing or smelling this unattractive home necessity.

Mail-Slot Style

Mail organization

Kitchen countertops sometimes feel like magnets for bills, magazines, electronics, and office supplies. This of course means you can never find what you're looking for in the pile of papers. Contain the clutter with a small command center. File away mail, chicly stock supplies, and have a designated home for cell phones and cameras with cubbies and file folders.

Towel Placement

Pull-Out Cabinet

Did you know the handle on your stove isn't a towel bar? It's for safely opening and closing the door! Often, these rags end up on the floor or slide around. Remove this safety hazard, and build a unique addition to your kitchen. Paper towels and kitchen rags have a safe home in this slide-out towel-bar cabinet.


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