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Just because a junk drawer stores a little bit of everything doesn't mean it has to be void of organization. Learn how to declutter a junk drawer with these tips and tricks.

3 Steps to Better Organization

An organized home is about more than having places to put everything. It's about having a strategy, too -- and it's easier than you think. Keep these three things in mind.


Jumbled piles of stuff, without any logic to their arrangement, is the first roadblock to an organized home. But conquering the clutter is easy. Adapt these simple principles for deciding what can stay and what can go, and you'll be clutter-free in no time.

Cut the Clutter in Less Time

Declutter and Stress Less

Must-Know Tricks from Organizing Pros

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After you've cleared out what you don't need, the next step is deciding what to do with what remains. The key to this step is not simply putting things away, but deciding how those things should be stored so the flow is logical and you can find what you're looking for after it has been put away (which comes in the next step).

Room-by-Room Organization Tips

How to Keep Your Family Organized

Secrets from an Organized Home


Finally, once the clutter is cleared and items are organized, it's time to find homes for everything. How you store items should be conducive to each item itself, as well as make sense for how you use the item and where you use it. Baskets, containers, labels, and shelves are keys to success for this step.

Storage Solutions Using Baskets

How to Organize Small Items

Free Printable Labels


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