Do-It-All Multiuse Room

With flexible furnishings and a little imagination, an extra bedroom shows how to finesse a floor plan, boost square footage, and create a versatile room that's as handsome as it is hardworking.

Flexible Furnishings

Adaptable storage and handmade charm transform this spare room into a single do-it-all space for family and guests. A DIY daybed dressed with throw pillows converts to a bed when guests come knocking. Crate-style cabinets stocked with extra linens pull double duty as nightstands holding an alarm clock, a lamp, books, and decor.

Retro, Refined

Hairpin legs lend midcentury flair to the bed's custom-built platform. The legs create the perfect amount of clearance to tuck away suitcases and extra office items under the bed.

Homey Haven

Multiuse rooms are chameleons, able to modify function to fill different needs—and often at the drop of a hat. Double-duty furniture and a mix of crafty amenities fill this all-in-one space with purpose, style, and comfort.

Go Mobile

To optimize multiuse spaces, focus on incorporating furniture that's both practical and versatile. Moveable pieces such as wheeled bins and carts encourage you to repurpose—or simply roll into a corner when floor space is at a premium. Here, a clear acrylic end table wheels up as an extra work surface and neatly tucks away when not in use.

Make It Cozy

Plush, easy-sew accent pillows made from wool felt dress up the DIY daybed and add a layer of comfort in keeping with the room's woodland theme.

Nod to Nature

Wood elements instantly relax a room. Spray-painted branches bring the outdoors inside, infusing the walls with texture and interest. A bright ceramic bird ornament introduces a pop of color.


A can of spray paint can transform almost any object. Here's how to spray paint and add fresh color to your decor.

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A can of spray paint can transform almost any object. Here's how to spray paint and add fresh color to your decor.

Message Center

A collection of message boards framed with white molding transforms a blank wall into a communication station for guests and family members. A handmade wood-and-concrete bench anchors the arrangement and provides space for display items. Woven baskets stow reading materials beneath the bench.

Charge and Conceal

A stealthy charging station fashioned from a vintage toolbox keeps phones, music players, and cameras fully charged and cords tangle-free. Within the box, a board cut with cord holes covers a power strip. Simply close the box's lid to cover electronic devices and showcase its patinaed charm.

Orderly Home Office

Small, smart touches amplify function throughout the office area. Refinished vintage desk accessories and clever paper-management tools make the work area pretty, practical, and productive. Adding a pullout shelf to the cabinet near the computer desk creates an easy-to-access spot for a printer and paper supplies when they’re needed.

Vintage Made Modern

Tame the influx of daily mail with a designated drop zone. Labeled letter trays to the right of the computer station encourage sorting the moment mail enters the room. Colorful powder coating revives and unifies the vintage desk accessories.

Repurposed Closet

The room’s standard 6-foot-wide closet was converted into a hobby station that can be quickly masked behind canvas curtains. A pegboard, paper files, and ribbon dispensers put the wall to work.

Grab-and-Go Gift Wrap

Easy to carry and stow away, this round basket with handles holds gift-wrap rolls, bows, and other embellishments. A felt belt with pockets fastens around the basket to store tape, scissors, and tags.

Hardworking Walls

Inside the closet, a metal pegboard provides sleek, efficient access to crafts tools and supplies. A wall-mount ribbon holder makes gift wrapping a snap. Small buckets of colored pencils stay organized and accessible on a desktop turntable.

File Away

File cabinets were powder-coated, outfitted with antique casters, and topped with a cutting board to become the perfect height for crafting. The cabinets provide organization and storage for favorite crafts items such as patterns, fabric, and embellishments.

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Kit and Caboodle

Keeping hobby supplies in check is easy with smart storage. Acrylic drawer dividers corral tiny crafts accessories, such as buttons, brads, and stickers. Clear jars identify precut ribbon by color. A container resembling a lunch box serves as a sewing kit with needles, scissors, and thread.

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