Ultimate Craft Organization Solutions

Steel industrial three-shelf cart with baskets of art supplies
You may not have an entire room to dedicate to crafts, but you can still organize your space with these innovative suggestions.

Roll-Away Craft Storage

A simple kitchen industrial cart accommodates crafts supplies beautifully. Whimsical storage solutions, including wire baskets, small suitcases, and painted buckets, inspire creativity at a moment's notice. The cart can easily be pushed to various locations or rolled into a closet for out-of-the-way storage.

Craft Supply Suitcase

Small luggage pieces become fun when used as crafts storage and can easily be tucked away when not in use. Glue a metal sheet to the inside of the lid and attach magnetic spice jars to store embellishments. In addition, suitcases can hold unfinished crafts projects and scrapbook-ready photos.

Craft Supply Holders

Clean paint cans can hold pencils, markers, scissors, and other supplies in style. Dress up the metal containers by wrapping them in wallpaper remnants.

Wall Organizer

A plate rack with vertical dividers, a shelf, and a row of hooks provides flexibility for storing scrapbook paper, stickers, photo files, completed pages, unfinished work, and other inspiration. Use the dividers to file magazines, folders, and notepads, too. Label each divider so items are easy to find. Store tags, paper clips, and embellishments in pretty bowls on the shelf. Slip markers and scissors into hanging metal pails.

Multipocket Craft Apron

Keep tools and supplies at your fingertips with a multipocket apron. It's a great idea whether you're crafting at home or away. Fill it with anything from your favorite markers and scissors to a cell phone and snacks. You'll save time by not searching for your stuff on a messy work surface.

Narrow Writing Desk Becomes Craft Table

Turn a small writing desk into an out-of-the-way crafts table. The desk's compact size makes it a prime choice to put in a small space, such as a spare bedroom, an extra closet, or even the hallway. Drawers hold crafts supplies to keep the work surface clear. Hang a corkboard above it to put inspirational papers in full view. A handy tray on top of the desk organizes frequently used art supplies.

Pin-Up Boards

A pair of small corkboards provides a pretty place to hang scrapbook-ready mementos, crafts to-do ideas, or supply lists. Stack three cake stands for tiered crafts storage. Anything you get off the counter instantly expands your available work surface.

Coatrack Storage

Look for underutilized spaces with strong storage potential, such as bare walls. A simple coatrack provides versatile crafts storage for children or adults, especially when hung over a two-seater table.

Portable Storage

Purchase a coatrack or create your own by screwing hooks to a 1x6-inch board. Mount the rack on the wall near a craft space and hang metals pails from the hooks to store crafts supplies. Vintage seashore pails add a fresh touch to this simple storage method.

Crafts Hutch

This hutch provides floor-to-ceiling crafts storage. Boxes are labeled, color-coded, and grouped based on current projects. Labels that slip into metal holders are easy to change as storage needs evolve. Drawers offer ample space to hide necessities, reducing clutter. A magnetic board along the back of the hutch keeps craft embellishments handy but off the work surface. Holes drilled into the desktop hold metal cups filled with art supplies.

Hanging Craft Organizer

A shallow hanging cupboard provides plenty of storage for small items, such as crafts supplies. Hang one cupboard, or a pair, wherever more put-away space is needed. Add finials to the top to corral wrapping paper and thread spools of ribbon onto a tension rod beneath the cupboard.

Craft Supply Station

A crafts station can be hung on any wall in the house, even above a washer and dryer. Open shelves accommodate oddly shaped supplies, such as a sticker maker and floral arrangement containers. Small drawers hold notions, embellishments, and small tools while keeping the space uncluttered.

Underbed Storage Boxes

Don't have a dedicated crafts room? No problem. Plastic storage boxes keep supplies organized in any temporary work space and are easy to hide under the bed, sofa, or entertainment center.

Kids Art Supply Shelves

A varied mix of canvas boxes, baskets, jars, and cubbies keeps kids' supplies organized. A low shelf makes art supplies easy for kids to reach.

See-Through Containers for Craft Supplies

Sort craft supplies in a series of lidded glass jars, or find other containers to store your small stuff at organization and discount stores. Keep jars off your work space by stacking them on shelving or hanging them.

Clutter Buster Crafts Closet

Extra shelving in a linen closet can transform the space into craft storage. Pretty baskets, bins, and boxes bust clutter while remaining visually pleasing. Short drawers can hold oversize craft papers, half-completed album pages, photos, portfolios, journals, watercolors, and canvases.

Vintage Containers

Antiques provide endless possibilities for imaginative storage. An old-fashioned milk bottle crate holds vintage soda fountain cups that corral pencils, scissors, and anything else that needs to be kept upright.

Sewing and Craft Station

If you don't have a dedicated crafts room, adapt old desk pulled from your attic or an inexpensive one found at a thrift store. Add a small hutch or cubby shelf to house supplies. Keep fabrics and crafts papers in sight by storing them in clear-front boxes stashed underneath the desk. Hang coat hooks on the side of the desk to hold cutting tools and keep them off the work space.

Creativity to Go

This handy storage cart can be wheeled to wherever you want to set up shop. Push it into the basement or spare room when you're finished working. Delegate baskets to contain similar items, and label each one with tags. With less clutter to sort through, you'll gain precious time for your creative endeavors.

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