11 Genius Storage Ideas for the Sewing Room

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Stuck on sewing room storage? Follow our advice for tips on how to organize and maintain your dream sewing room.

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Pegboard Dreams

peg board covered in thread and ribbon

A common problem with sewing organization is that there are so many little tools and embellishments to be considered and displayed. A pegboard is the perfect solution! This display keeps every thread, ribbon, and tool ready at a moment's notice.

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Sewing Corner


If you're lacking an entire room devoted to sewing, don't fret! Turn a corner, closet, or nook into a sewing sanctuary. Accent wallpaper sets this crafts desk apart from the rest of the room, while sewing room storage, such as shelves and containers, keeps the clutter under control.

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Contain It

craft room storage

Every beginning crafter makes the mistake of storing ribbons and fabric scraps in the same container. Save yourself the headache and sort your embellishments ahead of time! These clear jars easily show everything you need and make organizing a sewing room a cinch.

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Like a Boss

craft room

To bring your sewing room decor to the next level, take a cue from this charming office. A big, spacious desk is just what you need to fit all your crafting tools and supplies. A fresh paint job adds color, while open drawer spaces provide easy access.

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Stowaway Storage

home office

Sewing machines aren't always visually appealing. When taking a break from your quilting and embroidery projects, make sure you have a proper place to store your most-used tool. We love how this built-in shelf under the crafting countertop is a perfect fit for a sewing machine!

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On a Roll

Wrapping paper storage

Use decorative ribbons and fabric to your advantage when considering sewing room storage ideas. Collect spools on dowel rods that stretch across open shelving. Not only will everything be in place, but the pretty fabrics will double as colorful wall art.

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Stick to It

Magnetic memo board

Inspiration can strike at any moment. For pretty sewing room decor, stick torn magazine pages and scribbled notes to a decorative magnetic board. Your future projects will be much more organized and neatly displayed rather than cluttered on your work desk.

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Pop-Up Shop

purple craft room

When organizing a sewing room, consider hideaway furniture like this pull-down instant sewing station. With everything you need stored neatly in narrow shelves and pockets, this sewing organization idea is perfect for small spaces. We love the creative use of magnetic storage containers for organizing sewing supplies!

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Behind the Curtain

sewing room

We get it: Sewing stations can get messy, no matter how organized you are. For your sewing closet plans, install a curtain to hide any unsightly clutter from houseguests. Use a ribbon or hook to keep the curtain out of your way while you get to work.

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Hidden Cove

sewing room

Awkward nooks make perfect sewing stations. A basic desk and floating shelves are just what you need for holding necessities while you stock a nearby closet with ribbon, fabric, buttons, and all the little details.

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Be Transparent

sewing room

Just because your sewing supplies are behind cabinet doors doesn't mean you should allow them to be in a state of disarray. This only causes more confusion when trying to locate essentials! Use transparent containers and desk organizers to easily find what you need, when you need it.

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