27 Clever Craft Storage Ideas for All Your Creative Supplies

White shelving filled with organized supplies
Photo: Michael Partenio

Neatly store your crafts supplies with these creative and simple solutions. Our budget-friendly ideas repurpose common household items, like glassware, baskets, and jars, as storage for paints, brushes, markers, and more. These clever craft storage ideas will turn your pile of supplies into an organized arts and crafts area.

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Storage Set

Crafting supplies inside plastic containers on table
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

These clear plastic storage containers aren't just for the pantry. Use airtight containers in various sizes, like these from OXO, to neatly store craft supplies. The tall, narrow sizes are perfect for paintbrushes and pipe cleaners, and the shorter versions work well for paints, glitter, and other small items.

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Smart Spool Storage

Three balls of twine on a wooden stand
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Twine and string can quickly become a tangled mess if not stored properly. This craft storage idea uses a paper towel holder to keep spools neat and orderly—and allows you to easily cut off the exact length you need. Stack rolls of string, twine, or yarn onto the holder and unwind the amount you need for each project.

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All-In-One Storage

White shelving filled with organized supplies
Michael Partenio

Reimagine built-in shelves or a hutch as a craft storage idea that works with your existing decor. If necessary, remove doors and drawers, then line shelves with jars, baskets, and bins in various sizes. Add labels to each container to designate a spot for every type of craft item.

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Crafts Caddy

Blue tray with white cups filled with supplies
Adam Albright

Create storage for crafts and office supplies using your collection of milk glass. Display the glassware in a vintage drink caddy set on a colorful tray, using a different glass for each type of craft supply. The tray makes it easy to carry all your supplies at once if you need to move workspaces.

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Drop Down

White desk with organized supplies
Marty Baldwin

Vintage and flea market finds make great containers for craft room storage. This drop-down desk, repurposed as a craft storage unit, is perfect for organizing supplies like paints, paper, and craft tools. Plus, it provides a compact workspace that folds up when not in use.

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Crafting Station

Wall with crafting supplies
Greg Scheidemann

Pegboard is a perfect craft storage idea. Purchase a pegboard panel at a hardware store and cut it to the size you need. Then, paint the entire piece, let dry, and hang it above your workstation. Pegboard hooks and attachments come in various shapes and sizes, so you'll find plenty of options for storing all of your crafting supplies.

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See-Through Storage

Glass jars with supplies
Greg Scheidemann

If you're lacking desk or wall space, look up! These repurposed candy bowls fit perfectly under a cabinet with magnets attached to their lids. Fill them with your most-used supplies, so they're always ready when you need them.

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Glass jars with sewing supplies
Marty Baldwin

Canning jars are useful for more than jellies and jams. Use clear glass or plastic jars to store small supplies, including buttons, thread, and embellishments. Display them on an open shelf to quickly see what's available.

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Flipped Around

Two white boxes filled with supplies
Marty Baldwin

When organizing acrylic paint bottles, place them upside-down in craft storage bins. Gravity helps to keep from needing to scrape the bottom of the jar to get the last drop of paint. Plus, keeping them bottoms up lets you easily see which colors you have available.

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Paintbrush Bouquet

Glass jars with flowers and supplies
Marty Baldwin

Use vases or empty jars to sort paintbrushes by size and type. Store them brush-side-up to allow them to dry after use. Another jar can be used for pencils. Consider filling the bottom with smaller items, like paper clips or rubber bands, to maximize storage space.

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Clever Closet Storage

Thread in wooden dowels on door
Greg Scheidemann

Maximize arts and crafts storage space behind closed doors. Turn the back of a closet or cabinet door into a clever storage space by mounting a set of wood peg racks. Attach them at an upward angle, then use them to hold spools of thread, ribbons, and tools.

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Kids' Craft Storage Spot

Wooden cabinet on wall with supplies
Greg Scheidemann

Hang a cabinet or shelves to store kids' craft items, making sure it's low enough for little hands to reach. Attach a paper towel holder to the underside of a shelf, then fill it with kraft paper or ribbon that kids can easily tear off. Clip a couple of clothespins to the paper's edge to keep it from curling.

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Drawer Dividers

Drawer filled with organized supplies
Jay Wilde

Using the desk drawer below your workspace is a convenient and easy craft storage idea. Use a combination of drawer dividers and small containers to organize essentials within reach. Store craft supplies in one layer (no stacking) to make it easier to see what you have and what needs replenishing.

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Kids Crafts Supplies Holder

Child drawing at crafting table
Bill Holt

A canvas apron made for gardening tools doubles as an art supply holder. Attach the belt to the edge of the craft room table with hook-and-loop tape, and tuck the straps out of sight. Fill the pockets with arts and crafts supplies like markers, crayons, and watercolor palettes, sorted by type.

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Embellishment Drawer

Drawer with sewing supplies in bowls
Adam Albright

Use milk glass dishes or shallow bowls to stash sewing supplies in craft storage drawers. You can often find milk glass items at flea markets and garage sales for less than a dollar. Make this craft storage idea colorful and fun by lining the drawers with pretty paper.

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Outside the Box

Container with metal pieces and scissors
Kim Cornelison

Repurpose a pillbox to corral small items that are easily misplaced. The individual sections can hold dozens of eyelets, nails, or other hardware. Add a label to each section to keep track of what's inside.

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Mobile Crafts Cart

Yellow cart with crafting supplies
Cameron Sadeghpour

Retrofit an old end table into a cart that can function as a mobile craft storage unit. File crafts papers, stickers, and scrapbook pages below, and stash tools and markers on top. Push it wherever you want for an instant workspace.

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Everyday Items

White cups with flowers and craft supplies
Helen Norman

Look to everyday kitchen items, such as glasses and dishes, for craft supply storage. Keep scissors, felt-tip pens, and crayons within easy reach inside glassware arranged on a tray or platter. Slip a bouquet of small blooms into one of the glasses to make it a pretty display for your crafting space.

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Recycled Storage

Repurposed paint cans with craft supplies
John Ellis

Don't throw away your empty cans. Instead, wrap them in pretty paper and use them as inexpensive craft storage for small items like pencils, buttons, pins, needles, bobbins, and embellishments. Label the containers to keep things sorted.

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Upcycled Hutch

White cupboard with organized supplies
Greg Scheidemann

Outfit a small cabinet hutch to make a compact crafts storage unit. Add shelves to the cabinet to organize the supplies inside. Baskets and flat boxes are good craft storage ideas for this project.

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Spice Rack Storage

Repurposed spice rack with craft supplies
Marty Baldwin

Recycle a revolving spice rack into a storage tower for your crafting workspace. Store buttons, beads, glitter, and more inside the small containers. The clear glass jars make it easy to stay organized, while the swivel base makes everything accessible.

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Sleeve Storage

Greg Scheidemann
Binder with organized scrapbook supplies

Plastic sleeves for storing photos or trading cards are a great craft storage idea. Stash die cuts, stencils, sheets of stickers, and other flat items inside the sleeve sections. Store the sleeves in binders or cardboard boxes that can be stacked or stored upright on a shelf.

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Hang It Up

Hanging shelf with supplies on pink wall
Greg Scheidemann

Keep gift wrap and crafts supplies organized with a wire shower caddy. Hang one for wrapping supplies and a second one for crafting supplies. Use ribbons to suspend cans filled with pencils, paintbrushes, and other tools for getting creative from the hooks.

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Convenient Card Box

Metal basket with blue file folders
Greg Scheidemann

Stash smaller stickers and die cuts in a recipe box with tabbed dividers. Label each divider, and organize them by theme. The box is small enough to be packed with essentials and taken on the go.

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Serving Pieces

Metal holder with cups with markers
Janet Mesic-Mackie

Party platters and serving sets make it easy to organize crafts supplies. Use the sections or cups to sort supplies by category. Choose one that spins so it's easy to grab what you need from any angle.

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Hanging Organization

Repurposed canvas shoe holder filled with craft supplies
Ross Chapple

A hanging canvas shoe organizer is one of the easiest craft storage ideas. The pocket depth is perfect for pens and pencils, paintbrushes, and notepads. Suspend it from a curtain rod using clip-on rings, or hang it on the wall.

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Stylish Storage

Storage cubbies bins and bulletin boards
Kim Cornelison

Use baskets to organize larger craft supplies like yarn, cutting machines, and paper rolls or fabric. Choose ones with handles so you can easily tote them to your crafting table and put them away when done. Pretty enough to display, baskets are great for open storage on shelves or rolling carts.

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