A Pretty Bonus Room Makeover

Room fabrics
Make use of wasted space over a garage by turning it into the ultimate bonus room. This room goes to work with zippy color and patterns, easy DIY build-ins, and super stylish office projects.

Finesse the Floorplan

The key to designing in a narrow space above a garage is to take advantage of the long walls. This bonus room combines functional, hardworking walls with vertical artwork groupings to make the room feel spacious and open.

Get the Message

Keep important notes or hang beautiful artwork on a message board. This memo center has a dry-erase board and sliding corkboard, making it both functional and art-worthy.

Arranging Art

Take advantage of the natural lighting with a cozy spot for reading. This corner is a perfect spot to show off wall art. When hanging a small grouping, trace your art on kraft paper or newspaper, cut it out and tape it to your walls to perfect the arrangement. Hang the top piece just above eye level, then work your way down. When you're happy with the grouping, hang the art from picture hooks.

Super Shelving

Joined into one unit, three bookcases look like a million bucks. To add texture and provide visual relief, stash stuff in several natural baskets. Low countertops like these are great display surfaces, but it's easy to go overboard. Start with tall anchors, then leave some white space when creating your groupings.

Stowaway Items

A wall of shelves adds a luxe look to any room and a perfect spot to store bonus room essentials -- games, craft supplies, and toys.

On the Ledge

A long, skinny hallway can be dressed up with hooks and an art display space. Here, wainscoting is a stylish addition to the room and provides the perfect ledge to showcase fun, colorful letter and number art.

Smart Spot

Make use of a dormer window by adding a sweet bed nook. Made from stock kitchen cabinets, this built-in daybed offers loads of storage and a comfy spot to enjoy a book or nap.

Fabulous Fabrics

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to add color and personality to a room. In this room, throw pillows and blankets made of fabrics that mix and match colors and patterns add a young, fun vibe and makes this room a casual hangout space.

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