An Innovative Craft Closet

Everyday objects are used in clever, new ways to organize this bright craft closet.

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    Smart Space

    Office necessities, arts and crafts supplies, wrapping paper, and ribbons gather in a closet where busy life gets organized. And who says closet walls have to be wimpy white? Paint alcoves an eye-popping hue. This closet makes use of everyday objects in a new way.

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    Kitchen Towel

    Kitchen towels are inexpensive and come in a wide variety of fun colors and patterns.

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    Pocket Protector

    Kitchen towels embellished with strategic stitching and some well-placed grommets become wall-mounted tool organizers. Plan the pockets' sizes to hold the tools you use most often, such as scissors.

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    Baking Rack

    Metal racks like these are usually intended as a place for home-baked cookies to cool.

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    Hang It

    Metal racks hanging on the wall keep blank cards and notes where they're easy to grab. Because they're at eye level, they're also more likely to get sent. Forget digging in drawers for writing supplies. Store pens, pencils, and markers in wall-hung metal cans directly below.

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    Luggage Tags

    Self-laminating luggage tags are a must when traveling.

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    Tag Time

    Luggage tags can help your craft supplies stay organized. Use paint chips, fabric, wallpaper swatches, and scrapbooking paper to color-code plastic bins with the personalized tags.

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    Plate Holders

    Plate holders are usually hung on a wall to showcase favorite, decorative china.

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    Inside Out

    Instead, use decorative plate holders as replacements for sprawling in-boxes. Hang the racks on the wall or a closet door, and stock them with folders for sorting bills, mail, and receipts.

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