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Alicia Paulson's home crafts studio, where she makes her fairy-tale creations, is filled with enough clever storage ideas to give even the messiest space a happy ending.

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    Whimsical Craft Room

    Alicia Paulson, owner of Posie, an online crafts shop, likes having her creations and the raw materials that go into them--fabrics, trims, buttons--on view, but she tries to avoid too much clutter. A retro '50s table doubles as a cutting and assembly table as well as a packing and shipping prep area.

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    Crafter's Home Studio

    Alicia's well-designed crafts studio efficiently fits several work spaces into a small room, including a desk for her computer and sewing machine, storage shelves, a table, and an ironing board.

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    Shelf Display of Handcrafted Items

    A bookshelf provides ample storage for Alicia Paulson's finished products and also doubles as a pretty display case.

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    Party Purses

    Alicia Paulson's Pirouette bags -- small purses stitched of douppioni silk and dressed with a flower pouf -- are a Posie specialty and frequently chosen as party-going gear.

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    Artful Display

    Tea and a slice of something sweet are constants in Alicia's life, thanks to her sister the pastry chef and Alicia┬┐s own passion for baking. "One day I just woke up thinking, we should have this!" and started crocheting. Small pinked-edge circles line the underside edge of the shelf.

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    Crocheted Bird

    "Crochet is a creative medium," Alicia says. She enjoys using it for shaped pieces, such as her bird mobile.

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    Everything in Its Place

    A repurposed wastebasket stores rolls of wallpaper and gift wrap, while a bookshelf keeps folded fabric organized.

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    Label Shelves

    Stacking fabric on open shelves helps Alicia find what she needs more quickly than digging through boxes or storage bins. Labels for fabrics help her narrow the search for a suitable material.

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    See-Through Craft Storage

    Wide-mouth glass jars make tidy storage and display space for rickrack and other notions. Paper the undersides of high shelves, too.

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    Corkboard Collect-All

    Instant inspiration--a bulletin board holds color and fabric swatches, photographs, and other mementos that get the creative juices flowing.

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    Crocheted Slippers

    Alicia's crocheted slippers show up better on the wall than on the floor. A trio of pairs hangs on the studio wall.

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    Home Craft Business

    Alicia Paulson uses her computer almost as much as her sewing machine. She writes a daily message for shoppers and uploads photos of her one-of-a-kind handbags, accessories, crochet-wear, and original gifts to her online shop, rosylittlethings.com.

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    Curtain Charm

    Ribbons, felt, yarn, buttons, and silk fabrics are just a few of the materials Alicia Paulson uses to create unusual gifts. These pouf boutonnieres and Button Bobbies, both sold on her web site, adorn the white cafe curtains in her studio. These decorative accessories can also dress up sweaters, hats, jackets, and bags.

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