The Ultimate Family Studio With a Spot For Everything

Targeted work areas and abundant open storage team up in this shared work space.

Apparently, you can have too much of a good thing. The biggest challenge while transforming this underused dining room into a multifunctional family workroom was taming the room's abundant 288 square feet. A combination of custom built-ins and repositionable furnishings now artfully designates areas for crafts, office work, and lounging.

Rather than feeling chaotic, the colorful mix of materials and media inspires creativity and resourcefulness. The result is a room kids and parents love to use simultaneously. An extra-long desk leads to an elevated workstation. Positioning a desk along this wall results in work space for up to five. Shelves, drawers, and filing cabinets below support creative pursuits.

Open Shelving

Across the room, a custom hutch with deep open shelves holds wood bins and jars to encourage project-based organizing. Labeled jars and bins filled with a diverse selection of crafts supplies are neatly positioned in the floor-to-ceiling unit. Clear containers allow colorful supplies to shine; meticulous labeling ensures everything is easy to locate and put away. Clipboards, metal caddies, and wood trays organize crafts projects on the waist-high countertop. The clipboards collect project-specific details, and supplies for individual family members await in kitchen utensil caddies. A step stool means even the uppermost shelf is easy to access.

Round Up

In a space that so many people use, it's important to have a labeling system that will hold up to repeated use. Oval wooden labels tied to metal utensil caddies identify each family member's supplies. These labels last much longer than sticker or paper labels, and also look attractive and fun. They can also be swapped out easily as storage systems change or grow.

Print our free storage labels here.

Work Surfaces

A custom desk stretches below a large window and can host up to three crafters. The natural light makes the work space appealing and bright. Base units with cubbies and slide-out file bins support a band of drawers underneath the durable laminate countertop. A tabletop easel creates a portable painting station without taking up any more floor area.

Gathering Place

Wall-mount wire baskets enable each family member to clear off common work surfaces and stash personal projects. Label plates keep everyone's space obvious. The baskets are deep enough to hold supplies comfortably—no more stuffing papers into a too-small slot.

Social Corner

Shallow shelves and rolls of hanging paper make smart use of unused wall space next to the crafts desk. A pair of armless chairs welcomes kids, guests, or clients. Including comfy seating areas at opposite ends of the room means there's always opportunity to snuggle in with a good book or sketch a drawing.

Serving Tray

A bamboo tray is handy for dishing up snacks and transporting them around the room. A metal bucekt holds individually packages of snacks that can be left out and always accessible. Make cleanup easy with wipeable contact paper or a plastic placemat as the surface of the tray.

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Extra Snacking

A canvas-lined basket transforms a sleek rolling end table into a portable snack station. Extra straws and snack bowls are always at the ready to make snack time easy. While the tray on the shelf above is intended to be carried around the room, the basket stays on the bottom shelf so individually wrapped treats are always easy to find.

Craft Supplies

Bins and buckets with wood tags are dedicated to shared art supplies. Open tops on the containers make it easy to see inside and grab whatever specific color is needed. Art and scrapbooking papers are clustered in clear cases below. Storing paper in closed bins keeps the pages from getting crumpled or messy.

Book Nook

Burlap storage bins fit under a built-in seating alcove. Recessed spaces created with a grid of molding hold easy-to-swap artwork. A plush bench cushion and a wall-mounted lamp make this space the perfect reading nook.

Game Storage

While movable elements of the design are important to the function of the craft room, built-in elements are just as imperative. Shelves at one end of the seating alcove tidy up a bevy of books, games, and toys. The adjustable design makes it easy to customize the storage to the needs of the family.

Busy Built-In

A two-person desk in the office alcove uses a mix of boxes and baskets to organize magazines, files, and office supplies on open upper shelves. Wall pockets corral mail and work projects. Concentrating professional duties in this alcove means parents can do paperwork while kids play. Drawers and a printer pullout delineate two work spaces at the built-in desk. 

Memo Station

Square glass vases and cardboard letter sorters keep supplies handy on the elevated desk. A framed bulletin board holds bits of inspiration, while two calendars under glass function as a rewritable family schedule. Caster wheels on the bottom of the desk make it easy to move around the space.

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