Create the Perfect Family Craft Room

A Dallas mom molds a few square feet into a multifunctional craft room and finds the space a dream come true.

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    Multifunctional Crafts Space

    Natural light floods the small but efficient crafts room. Carol Watson, working with designer Dawn Henderson, chose a vibrant lime-and-violet color palette. The chairs were selected to match the differing heights of the sewing and wrapping stations.

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    Homeowner's Crafts Room Dream

    Every square inch counts when creating the perfect place for crafting. Carol Watson, the parent of three teenagers, had her priorities, including deep cabinets, power outlets, durable countertops, and task lighting to pull off a well-organized space.

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    Easy Access Crafts Room Storage

    Carol Watson chose open storage and colorful bins for the wall along her wrapping station. This way she can store frequently needed materials in sight and not be hindered by cabinet doors.

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    Hide Crafts Clutter

    Tucked neatly behind cabinet doors are more plastic bins and fabric-covered boxes where Carol Watson stashes photos, candles, swatches, magazines, and other less readily needed materials.

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    Artful Pegboard Storage

    Small yellow bins hung from pegboard and a glass straw dispenser wrangle small art supplies and writing utensils for completing school projects and making gift tags.

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    Task Lighting for Crafts

    Good lighting is essential in any crafts room. This lamp, an old coffeepot wired with a light socket and topped with an embellished green shade, adds a whimsical detail to the room and provides direct lighting.

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    Gift-Wrapping Supplies Within Reach

    Dowels, pegboard, and acrylic containers keep Carol Watson's gift-wrapping supplies organized and at her fingertips.

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    Quality Crafting Time with Family

    Carol Watson passes the pleasure of crafting on to daughter Wendy (nursing a gymnastics injury) as they spend time together in the crafts room.

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    Keep Craft Room Tidy

    An indispensable asset, the stainless-steel sink eases cleanup and doubles as a flower station. Necessary tools are always at hand with the savvy use of pegboard, hooks, and containers.

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    Lighten Up the Craft Room

    A custom window shade, reflecting the room's color scheme, manages natural light, and pretty chandelier pendants spotlight the sewing station.

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