New Craft Storage Ideas Using Unexpected Items

Turn ordinary household finds into unexpected storage solutions.

Before: Paper-Towel Holder

Old Use: This cottage-chic towel rack will dress up a dull kitchen in a flash.

Approximate Cost: $25

After: Ribbon Holder

New Use: No matter how much ribbon you collect, you always have your favorites that you reach for again and again. A paper-towel holder is the perfect way to keep your favorites in order and on display. The spools slide easily onto the rod, and you can store jars and cards on the shelf.

Before: Storage Cabinet

Old Use: Keeping the nuts and bolds tidy in tiny compartments.

Approximate Cost: $20

After: Embellishment Center

New Use: If you collect new embellishments on a regular basis, you most likely have trouble finding a place to store them all. With this system, you can take those small buttons, brads, and flowers out of their packages and stash them within reach. Labels help you locate the items, and the see-through drawers allow for a colorful display as well as an at-a-glance inventory check. The best part: When you run out of room, just stack another cabinet.

Before: Bucket Tool Organizer

Old Use: Perfect for tidying up the garage, this tool organizer fits right into a bucket.

Approximate Cost: $15

After: Scrapbook Tool Tote

New Use: This standard bucket is portable and roomy with plenty of pockets so you won't have to dig to find your stuff. Use the side pockets to store scissors, punches, and other scrapbooking tools of the trade. And inside you can stash your larger items, like paper trimmers and cutting mats.

Before: Wall Louver

Old Use: Keeps the air flowing through your home.

Approximate Cost: $7

After: Stamp Tray

New Use: Stamp storage is always tricky, and it's hard to find affordable solutions that don't take up too much space. You can find a large vent like this one in the contractor section of your local home improvement store. Lay it flat and you can prop up rows of stamps right on your desktop. They come in metal (which you can paint to fit your color scheme) or plastic, so they are easy to clean.

Before: Tin Tiles + Drawer Pulls + Magnets

Old Use: Classic tiles often grace the ceiling, but paired with drawer pulls and magnets we saw beyond its classic use.

Approximate Cost: $20 (depending on price of drawer pulls, which varies)

After: Inspiration Board

New Use: Personalize tin tiles with wooden drawer pulls decked out in your favorite color scheme and souped up with magnets attached with a dab of E-6000. Use the decorative magnets to hang layouts in progress, completed pages, or favorite scrapbook ideas.

Before: Tiered Wire Basket

Old Use: Typically found stashing fruit in your kitchen, this wire basket is filled with storage possibilities.

Approximate Cost: $10

After: Stamp Storage

New Use: This two-tier basket provides easy, open storage. It's a great place for air-drying stamps after washing them and for storing them until you're ready to stamp again. Your favorite inks will stack nicely in it, too. The wire is fanciful and feminine, which makes the basket a beautiful addition in any scrap room.

Before: Muffin + Ice-Cube Trays

Old Use: These silicone muffin pans and ice-cube trays are sure to be found in your kitchen cabinets.

Approximate Cost: $3-$10

After: Small Embellishment Storage

New Use: These silicone muffin and ice-cube trays are available in a rainbow of colors, but the best thing about them is their price tag. They're inexpensive enough that you can purchase a variety to organize your embellishments by type, size, or color -- without breaking the bank. Simply stash the trays in a drawer and pull them out when you're ready to use the embellishments.

Before: Dish-Drying Rack

Old Use: You will normally find this drying rack sitting next to your kitchen sink.

Approximate Cost: $25

After: Tool Corral

New Use: This dish-drying rack is the perfect storage solution for the most-reached-for tools that clutter your desk. Now, small tools go in the silverware cup, cutters and mats get stashed between the dividers, and scissors and punches rest in the bottom of the basket.

Before: Duct Joints & Ball Chain

Old Use: Ushering air through your ducts is a typical day's work for this silver duct joint. We saw potential in its cup-like shape for the perfect place to stash supplies.

Approximate Cost: $4 for chain, $21 for three joints

After: Hanging Tool Caddy

New Use: These parts don't seem like they have much in common, but they combine into this cool caddy perfect for scrapbookers. A little spray paint, a pair of holes drilled into the top of each joint, and a bit of ball chain combined to make this into a fun catchall you can hang near your desk for quick retrieval of often-used supplies and tools.

Before: Mug Tree

Old Use: This mug tree is perfect for organizing your coffee cups.

Approximate Cost: $30 (with mugs)

After: Pen/Marker Tool Storage

New Use: Mug trees can also be used for storing many pens and markers. It keeps them horizontal, which manufacturers recommend, and if you need to carry them to another room, just take the cup with you. Any item that keeps clutter off your desk yet still within reach is the perfect solution.

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