A Chic Craft Room Makeover

Whatever your creative outlet -- crafting, scrapbooking, writing -- you deserve your own happy space. Take cues from this amazing transformation and then set your own room makeover into motion.

Before: A Mismatched Mess

This basement space called for a head-to-toe redo, with a more functional craft room setup.

After: Perfectly Pretty

From the easy-to-install tongue-and-groove ceiling planks to the engineered wood flooring and everything in between, we transformed the dreary corner of this room into a delightful, hardworking room. Now the cheery scene makes it easier to face unpleasant tasks. And the carefully chosen furnishings reach beyond office duties -- there's plenty of space for sewing and other hobbies.

Behind the Scenes

Generous-size cabinets with solid doors contain the mess of files, paperwork, office and hobby supplies, and other clutter. Though the modular set had a few glass doors, it worked to our advantage. We used colorful crewelwork fabric panels to conceal the contents while giving a much-needed visual boost to the cabinets. A bead of hot glue at each corner secures the hemmed rectangles to the glass. In the open cubbies, metal bins present a tidy appearance.

Making a Statement

We enlivened our soothing scheme a bit by selecting a boldly patterned area rug in shades of green and teal. Sometimes it's a good idea to let one element steal the show. Both tables are outfitted with gas-spring legs, which allow them to be raised or lowered. And for more versatility, one table features casters so it can be moved as needed.

Dress Up the Desktop: To give the desk a homey feel, we dressed it with two table runners fashioned from vintage linen toweling. We just cut lengths off the toweling bolt (purchased on eBay), then pulled threads off each end to create fringe.

Nod to Nature

A spring-green palette inspired other cosmetic touches, such as the vine-pattern curtains and pendant light covering, for a parklike setting. The green linen pendants disappear into the green walls, offering a barely-there visual element but standing ready to infuse the desktop with essential task lighting when needed.

Make the Fabric-Covered Lampshade: When covering a lampshade with fabric, sew a slipcover to fit and secure it to the shade with fabric glue along the seam only.

Here's a tip: Don't glue the fabric all around the shade, it'll pucker in spots rather than drape evenly. Finish with ribbon or banding at the top and bottom.

Creative Catchalls

Storing supplies and notions in pretty dishware (in our case, vibrant Fiestaware) adds originality to the desktop and beats using containers from the office supplies store. Choose small soup bowls, open pitchers, or even a cream-and-sugar set.

Dress Up a Standard Clipboard: Use pretty wrapping or art papers. Though we purchased our clipboard, it's easy to decoupage paper with crafts glue. Make several beautiful boards and hang them on the wall to hold receipts, memos, to-do lists, or even family photos.

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