10 Storage Solutions for Your Purse

Can't remember the last time you cleaned out your purse? Don't let it turn into a graveyard for old receipts and broken lipstick. Reclaim your bag with these DIY purse storage ideas that will help you organize everything, including your wallet, makeup, and spare change.

1. Just the Basics

Dump out everything in your purse, then put back only the items you really need -- like your wallet, hand sanitizer, and a snack. Be critical at this stage. There's no reason to carry around 10 lipsticks if you only ever use one shade. 

2. Protect Your Tech

If you carry a laptop, tablet, or camera in your bag, invest in a tech case. This will protect your gadget from accidental spills, key scratches, and impromptu rain showers. 

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3. Roll It Up

A giant tote can double as a weekend travel bag. Protect easy-to-tangle jewelry with a roll-up organizer. This storage solution also works for hair supplies, such as bobby pins, hair ties, and clips.

4. Go Wallet-Free

If your wallet has a tendency to grow fat with receipts, coupons, and coins, consider a phone case that lets you stash only the essentials. Plus, if you have a smartphone, you can ditch the plastic and load rewards cards or gift cards straight into an app like Apple Wallet. 

5. Put It in a Pouch

Don't spend minutes digging around for your sunglasses or keys. Color-coded pouches make it easy to find what you're looking for in a pinch. Stash beauty items in one pouch, headphones and phone chargers in another, and so on.  

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6. Key Keeper

A cute keychain keeps keys close at hand, but go a step further by attaching them to your wallet. Grabbing a large wallet is easier than finding a small key ring, plus the keys can be tucked into the coin purse section of your wallet to prevent scratching.

7. Travel Abroad

Safeguard personal information with passport and credit card keepers. Special fabric protects items from electronic theft.

8. Down to Business

Reminiscent of childhood school supplies, plastic pencil cases are perfect for stashing office items in your briefcase. Keep pens, notepads, and pointers organized in easy-to-find colorful cases.

9. Make It Up

A chic makeup bag is better than loose cosmetics rolling around. Not only is it easier to find what you need, but if a product spills or breaks, it will only dirty the makeup bag -- not your Italian leather tote. 

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10. Take Notes

Keep kids occupied by including a coloring kit in your bag. It's smaller and lighter than most toys and encourages creativity. Stock a pencil case with markers, pens, stickers, and a notepad, then pull it out at the doctor's office, grocery store, or anywhere kiddos need a distraction.

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