These hardworking containers aren't just for canning! See our favorite ways to get organized with Mason jars.

By Jessica Bennett
Updated December 31, 2019
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Canning jars, those trusty glass vessels with a metal twist-on cap, can do so much more than simply store your favorite jams or pickled veggies. They also make a frugal storage solution for odds and ends throughout your home. The sturdy containers make great storage vessels for a variety of miscellaneous items, including office essentials, serving utensils, and craft supplies. These Mason jar storage ideas go beyond the pantry to bring organization to the bathroom, laundry room, office, and more. With each of these projects, you can choose to decorate the lids or jars for an extra pop of personality or keep them unadorned to maintain their classic farmhouse aesthetic. Try these DIY Mason jar storage ideas to bring easy organization to every room.

Credit: Jason Donnelly

1. On-Display Storage

Mason jars double as charming decor and functional storage in the kitchen. Fill them with dry ingredients like oats, beans, or flour; then arrange the jars on open shelves for a pretty and practical use of space. For an extra splash of color, choose tinted glass jars, like the blue ones on display in this farmhouse-style kitchen.

Credit: The Wilde Project

2. Mason Jar Laundry Organizer

Create a Mason jar organizer for your laundry room to hold items you frequently need on washing day. Use one jar to collect pocket change and other loose items before pants run through the washer, and fill another jar with essentials for stitching holes and sewing patches. Stock a third jar with clothespins to line-dry delicates. Set the jars in a shallow container or tray, which can hold other clothing care essentials like a lint brush or sweater shaver.

Credit: Werner Straube Photography

3. Silverware Caddy

This Mason jar storage project repurposes a vintage metal caddy found at a flea market as a silverware holder. Simply arrange jars inside the caddy and fill each one with a different type of flatware. Remove the circular part of the lid but leave the outer ring screwed on to protect the glass jars. This DIY storage project also works well for toting party supplies in a portable, all-in-one container.

Credit: Marty Baldwin

4. Craft Storage Jars

Use clear Mason jars for craft room storage that puts your colorful supplies on display. Fill the jars with fabric and ribbon scraps, sorting by color or type. Position them on open shelves or inside a cabinet where they'll be easy to access. Opt for extra-large jars with wide rims so you can easily reach in and grab what you need.

Credit: Michael Partenio Productions

5. Dry Ingredient Storage

Keep frequently used ingredients close at hand to make cooking prep easier. First, remove loose ingredients like pasta and rice from their original packaging and pour them into clear Mason jars. Gather the containers in a box or tray in an easy-to-access spot, such as the lower shelf of a kitchen island, so pantry staples are always within reach while cooking.

Credit: Brie Williams Photography Inc

6. Accessible Art Supplies

Turn a jumble of crafts supplies into a handy storage solution with a few Mason jars and a convenient caddy or tray. Remove the flat cap of a few Mason jars and return the outer ring, then fill with art essentials like colored pencils, paintbrushes, crayons, and markers, sorting by type. Corral the jars of supplies on a tray that can be easily transported from room to room when creativity strikes.

Credit: Marty Baldwin

7. DIY Bathroom Organizer

Create a slim bathroom organizer using salvaged barn wood and Mason jars. First, cut the wood to match the height of your medicine cabinet or mirror, and determine how many jars will fit along the length. Evenly space metal plumbing brackets along the board and screw them into the wood, allowing enough space between each hook to access supplies within each jar. Tighten the brackets around the jars, then fill them with toiletries like toothpaste, cotton balls, and more.

Credit: Adam Albright

8. Mason Jar Drawer Storage

Take back control of your junk drawer. Combine canning jars with dividers, boxes, and other storage containers to create the ultimate drawer-organizing system. Use Mason jars for grab-and-go crafting or office supplies that you can easily lift out without having to dig around. Mason jars come in a variety of colors, so grab a few in your favorite shades to add some personality to this custom storage solution.

Credit: Adam Albright

9. Office Supply Jars

Organize office supplies with three simple items: glass jars, spray chalkboard paint, and a chalk pen. Depending on the type of supplies you need to store, you may want to select jars in a variety of sizes. Spray the jars with a few coats of chalkboard paint, making sure to work in a well-ventilated area, and use a chalk pen to label each one with the type of supplies it will hold. You could also apply white adhesive letters in your favorite font.

Credit: Adam Albright

10. Industrial Wall Storage

Mount Mason jars on pipe fittings for industrial-style bathroom storage around the sink. Cover the joining ends of industrial piping with painter's tape and spray-paint them in your desired color, using a high-gloss finish to protect against moisture. Attach the glass jars to 90-degree elbow pipe fittings with a strong adhesive (we used Loctite's GO2 Gel) and let dry at least 24 hours. Fit the piping together, tightly securing each joint, and screw the fixtures into the wall.

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October 13, 2020
The only thing about using mason jars in the pantry or on shelving for storage is that they are so heavy. The shelf soon begins to sag. I've started using much lighter weight plastic jars ie peanut butter, mayonaise, etc.
January 31, 2020
Some fun and cute ideas, but the fixed mounted jars would be very difficult to clean thoroughly.