Storage Solutions

Declutter your home and get organized with these storage solutions for every room in your home. We have made organization easy with our strategies for clearing the clutter from closets, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. Use our techniques and ideas to purge and clear out what you no longer use or need.

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Here's Why I Got Marie Kondo All Wrong

A tidy person but not one to fetishize organizing, our editor in chief didn't immediately jump on the KonMari bandwagon. But his opinion of Marie Kondo's methods quickly changed.
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Marie Kondo Sets the Record Straight on Clutter, Creativity, and What's Next

No, she does not want you to throw away all your books. Or every last tchotchke. The author and TV star clears up some myths about her methods—and talks about what's to come.
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Top 7 Storage Items to Order Today

Take some time (and $20) to get your home or office clean and organized. These top-selling Amazon products have thousands of reviews and great prices to match.
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10 IKEA Hacks That Add Storage to Your Home

Get the best of both worlds with inexpensive storage ideas that save you money and organize your items. Our roundup of favorite furniture hacks features ordinary IKEA items repurposed into new-and-improved storage solutions. When you're done with these DIY projects, no one will be able to tell you went to IKEA.
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Simple Organization Hacks

These organizing hacks turn common household items into clever organizers that will streamline your storage and cut the clutter in your kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms.
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Get Inspired by This Home's Clever Built-In Storage Ideas

Savvy homeowners worked with a designer to add smart built-in storage that enhances every room of their house. See what they did and how you can do the same in your house!
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Solve Storage Trouble Spots

Often even the most organized home can have that one area that refuses to stay clutter-free, whether it's the kitchen counter, the garage workbench, the office desk, or a closet. Here are some easy-to-implement tips to solve your storage trouble spots for good.
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Clever Ways to Use Storage Hooks

Storage hooks can be used a multitude of ways, from basic things like hanging coats to more creative uses, like creating a window treatment.