Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Built-In Headboard
Small bedrooms present decorating and storage challenges. Here are our smartest ways to store everything, including shoes and jewelry, in your short-on-space bedroom.

Use Multiple Types of Storage

When it comes to small bedroom ideas, a variety of storage types can help maximize flexibility and help to take advantage of every nook and cranny. The few bedside square feet here demonstrate that: A nightstand offers both surface area and open and closed storage; a basket provides portability for other items; and a head-height open shelf stores a few items in pretty boxes (and offers a space for display, too).

Downsize Your Furniture

In smaller bedrooms, anything besides the bed should be scaled down to reduce visual clutter. That includes bedside tables. Look for pieces that offer multiple storage options—such as a drawer and an open shelf. Small bedroom organization calls for smarter, not larger, furniture pieces. 

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Clean Up Your Floor

Try this visual trick that adds storage for small spaces: Mount cubbies on the wall for bedside storage; then, enclose all but daily-use items in decorative boxes. To gain even more storage space, combine a few different-size storage cubes. Wall-mounted storage clears floor space and can visually make a room look bigger. As a bonus, add under bed storage with an open-faced basket you can easily slide in and out from under the bed frame. 

Keep Out-of-Sight Spaces Cleaned Up

A closed drawer is an invitation to clutter, especially when your space lacks small bedroom storage ideas. To keep your stuff from getting out of control, start with a good system. Collections of pretty dishes become the perfect drawer dividers, holding grooming and dressing supplies. For tabletop items, try decorative trays to keep bedroom supplies organized.

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Convert Old Furniture

Wondering what to do with that old bulky TV armoire or entertainment center now that you have a slender flat screen? Convert the unit into handy bedroom storage. Here's how to do that and plenty more great small bedroom decorating ideas. 

Display Your Favorites

For some people, storage for small bedrooms means closed away and out of sight. But many pieces that you love can easily be transformed into out-in-the-open, display-worthy elements that function as organized storage, too. A sleek paint combination transformed this simple frame and metal screen into a hanging spot perfect for favored earrings and necklaces.

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Use Multi-Function Furniture

With no room for both a display table and nightstand, this small bedroom made use of DIY floating shelves. A cup holder built into the nightstand provides a place to set a glass of water. This small bedroom organization idea incorporates storage for both beloved decorative items and daily-use essentials.

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Pay Attention to Surfaces

Many small bedrooms—particularly kid spaces—do double-duty as work or homework spots, too. That means they can quickly accumulate extra supplies and knickknacks that can overtake surface spaces. Luckily, loads of simple solutions can help keep clutter at bay. Divide different types of items—erasers and paper clips, for example—into separate smaller dishes, and keep them all together using one larger tray with sides. It’s a good small bedroom idea for jewelry, makeup, or other grooming supplies, too.

Look in Unexpected Places

In space-challenged bedrooms, every square inch counts. Closet storage ideas, for example, can provide a few precious inches that can be put to everyday use for wardrobe planning. Install one pole and one over-the-door hook to the backside of the door to plan out outfits for a day or two. Oft-worn accessories or other dressing items can also be put in easy reach, thanks to narrow hooks and plastic holders. 

Use Those Wasted Spaces

Niches are sometimes considered too narrow to be of storage use. But those narrow spots (as well as overhead spaces) work great as storage for small spaces to host lesser-used items and display family treasures and knickknacks. To keep surface clutter on a bedside at bay, think about mounting a swing arm lamp.

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Keep a small bedroom organized with these smart tricks for adding storage to even the tightest of sleeping quarters.

Find More Storage

Storage for small spaces doesn't always come easy. Watch and see how to add storage to even the smallest of bedrooms. You'll be surprised to find how much extra space you actually can have!

Use Your Walls

Hooks and shelves are great small bedroom ideas to keep clothes and accessories organized. Place a narrow shelf next to a dressing table, for example, to gain a few precious inches for jewelry or makeup; a series of pretty hooks underneath keeps outerwear or bags within easy reach.

Make Use of Every Nook

In a small bedroom, it's important to embrace every inch of square footage. An otherwise abandoned niche became a cozy reading nook in this bedroom. Bonus: The built-in bench flips up for even more storage of extra blankets and pillows. Small bedroom ideas are best when they're creative!

Measure the Depth

Typical furniture options such as dressers can quickly overwhelm small bedrooms, especially if they intrude into the sometimes-cramped walkways. It’s worth it to look for narrower options that can tuck into slim corners yet still offer small bedroom organization. The mirrored doors on this one help to bounce light around the room, which helps the space appear larger. 

Supplement a Small Bedroom Closet

Small bedrooms and small closets often go hand-in-hand. If your space challenges extend to clothes storage, consider supplementing your room with a pretty armoire outfitted just for clothes and accessories. Use paint to dress up the piece and tie it in with the rest of the decor in your room. Good closet storage ideas can save you from lost space and lots of clutter. 

Establish Zones

The limited footprint of small bedrooms can work even harder if divided into specific zones to centralize activities. To do that without adding clutter to a space, rely on scaled-down furniture—here, a small dressing table with just a few drawers and a slim-lined chair establishes a just-right niche for morning prep.

Jewelry Organizer

Don't forget to have small bedroom storage ideas for the little things! Create a fit-almost-anywhere jewelry stand from an old store display shelf and an empty frame. Fitted with a piece of 1/2-inch plywood covered with batting and ivory felt, the frame elegantly shows off necklaces dangling from cup hooks adorned with pom-poms. Lined with vintage dishes, the display shelves keep additional pieces of jewelry organized.

Closet Trick

Make the most of a small closet with the right closet storage ideas. Most closets just have a long hanging bar and a shelf, which meets some storage needs. But with a mix of drawers, cubbies, cabinets, and hanging bars, you'll have storage tailored to specific items.

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Headboard Storage

Utilize the space behind your bed as storage. Employ bins or baskets as organizers for bedside essentials, and install wall-mounted lights. The set-up in this bedroom eliminates the need for nightstands, which is another plus in small bedroom organization.

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