Small-Space Home Offices

small space home office
Spare bedrooms aren't the only spaces that make great home offices. Now a closet, corner, hallway, or even the kitchen island can become the perfect workspace.

Small But Efficient

Simplicity is key in small spaces. A cozy nook like this needs only the essentials. This built-in desk has one large drawer for files and smaller drawers for office supplies. Semicustom cabinetry options are an affordable way to get exactly what you want. Consult your local cabinetry store or home center to explore design options. Or measure your nook and hunt down a ready-made desk that will fit your space.

Rearranged Furniture

Move your sofa to the center of your living room or family and use the space behind it as a home office. An elegant glass-top desk and narrow credenza occupy the space behind the sofa. With this arrangement, if your TV is centered in front of your sofa, your desk will be too, providing entertainment while you work.

Along the Wall

A wall of solid shelves can sometimes dominate a room, so change it up a bit by adding a desk between shelving units, or in this case, between a bookcase and armoire. To unify the elements and achieve the look of a built-in, keep everything the same color.

Kitchen Niche

Pay bills and cook a casserole without ever leaving the kitchen. All this is possible with a desk conveniently located in a kitchen nook. Let the spaces flow into one another by using the same material and hardware for your cabinetry. Here, a simple surface extension provides the perfect amount of space for a single workstation in the heart of your home.

Smooth Transition

Utilize spare kitchen space by adding adjustable wire shelving to bare walls. Create a seamless transition by continuing the kitchen color scheme in the underdesk storage area.

Attic Hideout

A quiet attic can provide the perfect opportunity to put an underutilized space to work. A long desk along one of the walls offers plenty of workspace for two people and is simply a tabletop mounted to a series of cabinets. The window in front of the desk provides natural light, while adjustable wall-mount lamps offer task lighting.

Island Hideaway

Add office space to the list of many functions a kitchen island provides. A drop-leaf table slides out from under this island, an ideal spot for doing homework, using a laptop, or paying bills. Storage drawers above the table are handy for storing bills, paper, pens, stamps, and more. When not in use, the table slides back into the island and is concealed behind cabinet doors that match the island's style.

Small Office Plus Storage

Keep a small office from feeling cramped by using versatile furniture. This collapsible table takes up little visual space and can be rearranged and easily moved. A wall-mount shelf creates an artful wall display. Pull up a comfy chair from the living room to create an instant office space.

Landing Space

Rethink the concept of a home office. With go-anywhere wireless internet, an office is no longer limited to where there is a plug-in modem. Stage your office in an underused part of your house. This office makes use of a previously ignored stairway landing, perched perfectly in the center of the action and easily accessible from any place in the house. Freestanding bookcases line the half-wall behind the desk. File cabinets beneath the desktop add more storage for paperwork and bills.

Rethink Your Space

Put an extra closet to use by converting it into a clever and inexpensive workstation. Remove the doors and any extra shelving, paint the interior of the closet, and simply add a desk. To polish off the new nook, install baseboards to match the rest of the room and add task lighting, like these pendant lamps, to illuminate the space.

Kitchen Work Zone

Let your kitchen nook double as a home office by adding slender tables along opposite walls with a cozy couch between. This family-focused wing takes advantage of the room's natural light and high ceilings. Remove doors from overhead cabinets to keep projects organized and separated in the work area.

From Nook to Office

The spare bedroom shouldn't be just for guests. Make the most of a seldom-used space by adding a home office. A sleek, narrow desk and simple furniture increases its functionality without being too distracting. When guests arrive, this room can accommodate work and relaxation in a stylish setting.

Corner Cozy

Create an inspiring work space in a room corner by infusing it with color. Let color be the focus by limiting the area to just a desk and chair. Need storage space? Look for a desk with built-in storage, such as shelves or drawers. Good lighting is important to a work area and can be affordably added with a simple desk lamp. This lamp was customized by wrapping pretty paper around the bottom of the shade.

Space with a View

Turn your window area into a small office. Install a built-in desk and shelves under a large window for a work area with a view. Here, a wooden ledge mounted under the windowsill serves as a countertop, supported by a shelving unit that ties into its surroundings.

Family Time

With a work space located in the family room, you can still be part of the action while hard at work. Integrate the zone by using furniture and decor that fall into the rest of the room's design vein. Clear seating and minimalist red tables contrast favorably with the apple-green walls. An abstract artwork trio above the desks ties in with the room's color scheme. Bonus: When you're done, the kids can use the office to do homework or play games.

Repurposed Office

A wall-mount desk provides the perfect base for a home office. Attach a simple surface to any free wall space for an instant workstation. Here, part of a distressed wooden table has been transformed into a creative center. Fun details, such as an old studio chair, graters repurposed as utensil holders, and a bed-spring memo board, give this space a complete look.

All-in-One Space

With spaces to work, sleep, and relax, there's hardly a reason to leave this master suite. This desk is tucked into the short hall between the master bath and bedroom. The stained pine flooring ties the office space to the other areas of the master suite.

Hallway Hideout

Hallways provide lots of opportunities for multifunctional spaces. This desk is tucked into the end of an upstairs hallway. The window above the built-in desk provides a nice view of the neighborhood. The library ladder makes it easy to reach stored books and office supplies.

Double Take

A two-sided desk doubles the workspace, but not the used floor space. This desk is assembled from an unfinished bookcase and a laminate-covered piece of medium-density fiberboard structured by two pairs of legs. The whole structure is just 5 feet long.

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